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Carry Wear Leggings

The gun show came to our local convention center this weekend. It comes around every few months and it’s ALWAYS awesome. Always. It’s where I purchased my very first personal protection device. It’s a wonderful personal protection device. Purse sized really.

But I can’t always carry my purse. Which leaves me in a predicament. I do have my waist holster, which is good but it’s not great. I’ve been on the hunt for that GREAT holster. I did not expect to see my new favorite companies today. I didn’t expect that booth of fabulous pinkness.

Okay, hear me out about the pink booth. Yes, it was an oddity amongst all the brass, silver, meats, and old war gear. It stuck out, which is what drew me to it.

First things first. The customer service. I hate bad customer service. It’s my biggest pet peeve. These folks were FABULOUS!!! They were awesome salesmen, beyond friendly, and very knowledgeable about the products they sell. I think we spent more time at their booth than any other booth in the entire place. (Mind you it was me, the only girl, with the hubs and my little brother.)

I was sold when I saw the leggings.
I. Am. Obsessed. With. Leggings. I have so many pairs. So many. It drives the husband crazy. But there was one pair I didn’t have. Tactical leggings.

These leggings solved so many problems for me. So many. I don’t always carry a purse with me. Sometimes I just grab my Michael Kors wristlet and head out the door. A wristlet does not fit a personal protection device. Even my adorable M&P Bodyguard. (The .380 not the 9mm) The waist holster, like I said, is great but it’s not always super comfortable to wear. It can get really annoying really fast. Enter tactical leggings.
Okay, they’re actually called Concealed Carry Leggings and they’re made by Dene Adams. Never heard of her? Yeah, neither did I. WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT HER EARLIER??????

These leggings are ridiculously comfortable. It’s like a cloud is caressing your butt. The waist is the actual holster. It’s not just one holster, ohhhh no. there are FIVE pockets. I can super carry! It’s a purse on your pants. It’s amazing.

Best part about everything? It’s all American Made! That is obviously something that we love at Offensively Patriotic!

I didn’t stop at the leggings. Nope. I wanted to buy everything at the booth. Oh man did I want to get the tracking device jewelry! I know what you’re thinking. Creepy. Why get tracking device jewelry? Well, lots of reasons. What if you work in some sketchy area? Like downtown Pittsburgh (It’s a liberal craphole.) and you’re kidnapped? Well, shit. Now what? Boom the tracking device jewelry! You double click and whichever loved one you trust with your literal life gets a notification and map right to where you are. Life saved or body found. Peace of mind. Check that awesome stuff out here.

I did get one of Absolutely Concealed t-shirts. It’s so soft. It’s like being wrapped up in butter. The shirt is pink and grey and is just fantastic. The great thing about their website? It’s one stop shop!!! You can get all your conceal carry and protection gear right here!

Them being the awesome folks that they are threw in a little gift. A neck gaiter. I haven’t worn it yet, but man it’s just as soft as the shirt! Next time I leave the house it’s getting tried out!

If you are in the market for some carrywear, I 100% recommend getting something from Dene Adams. American Made. Soft. Comfortable. Functioning. LEGGINGS!

The next thing I want from her? Everything. Yes, I want her whole damn stock!

Review: Carry Wear For The Everyday 2
THE tactical leggings every lady needs in her life.
Review: Carry Wear For The Everyday 3
Look at all that carry space! In your pants!!!! POCKETS FOR DAYS!
Review: Carry Wear For The Everyday 4
The picture doesn’t do the shirt justice. That pink is INCREDIBLE! Check out their website HERE
Review: Carry Wear For The Everyday 5
The invisiwear GPS jewelry.
Review: Carry Wear For The Everyday 6
My awesome new neck gaiter.

I know everyone is as excited as I am about these awesome companies and brands. I know everyone is rushing to buy TACTICAL LEGGINGS because why wouldn’t you?

I’m a hiker. I love hiking. Guess what I can never carry when I hike because the waist holster isn’t comfortable when you’re climbing, hiking and sweating? That’s right. My personal protection device. Guess what I’m going to wear when I go hiking now? That’s right, tactical leggings.

Go buy yours. Now. You won’t regret it!

And don’t forget to read my review about the best guns to conceal carry as a lady.

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