SYROKAN Sports Bra

syrokan sports bra

SYROKAN Sports Bra

I have the absolute WORST luck when it comes to sports bras. I can’t find any that fit. Ever. If they do fit, they are absolutely not high impact. I’ve tried them all. Even Victoria’s Secret has been a massive let down.

I was giving up hope on ever finding something that would hold the girls in place while providing support and not chaffing the shit out of my rib cage. (I have scaring on the rib cage from serious chaffing where the bra rubs the skin. It sucks. It hurt like HELL when it happened.)

I resorted to browsing Amazon for anything. Anything that would work. I stumbled upon the SYROKAN Sports Bra. Wow. Just wow.

I wasn’t expecting much from a $28 sports bra but man oh man. It’s my new favorite.

SYROKAN Sports Bra

The SYROKAN Women’s Front Adjustable Lightly Padded Wirefree Racerback High Impact Sports Bra is just that. A high impact sports bra. For the other ladies out there who are, ahem, well endowed up top, this bra is a serious life changer if you’re an active person.

I’ve always been blessed with a larger bosom so finding a great bra is an essential need. Especially since I’ve started running damn near every day.

About the Syrokan sports bra:

  • 72% Polyamide, 28% Spandex
  • Hook And Loop closure
  • Molded cups with limited stretch maintain shape and increase support
  • Bonded front-adjustable straps with concealed hook-and-loop closure
  • Full coverage with wide under band and interior front yoke to reduce movement and absorb shock
  • Mesh inserts at both sides and back to blow off hot and bring you cool
  • Works perfectly as running, basketball, tennis, boxing bras
This is 5 out of 5 stars. If you desire comfort while you do any type of working out this sports bra is top of the line. The fabric is super soft and the front adjustable straps are super awesome. I love that I don’t have to worry about a little piece of plastic sliding around and will end up breaking. The Velcro has lasted through multiple washes and getting soaked in sweat.
Oh lord. Stability. I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is having a sports bra that actually keeps the girls in place! Like I said I’ve tried so many others with no luck. Not one of them could corral them into place. They flipped and flopped all over the place which resulted in the worst back pain. I considered just cutting them off myself and saying screw the boobs. Not with the Syrokan Sports Bra. Nope. They stay right where they are supposed to and there is no more back pain when I run my 5-6 miles a day. My chaffing is gone. It’s a miracle!
They’re only $28!!!! That’s it $28. I’ve spent HUNDREDS of dollars on sports bras over the years and this $28 dollar obscure bra was sitting on Amazon all along. GO BUY THE SYROKAN SPORTS BRA! It will save that tatas and your back. Vicky’s Secret charges well over $50 for their sub-par products. When this beauty is $28 and is truly high impact.
The company who owns them only gets 1 star. They’re not American based and outsource the manufacturing though they do have a headquarters in America. So 1 star for that.

If you’re on the fence and not sure about this bra, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. It’s not super cute but it’s super comfy and does the job. I have a few of these and I absolutely love them. I want them in every color. It’s one less pain you have to deal with if you have an underboob chafing problem.

Stop the chaff! Get the Syrokan Sports Bra.
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