• A Different Kind of Workout

    A Different Kind of Workout

    Sometimes you need to change up the monotone of your workout. As Covid-19 continues to make the gym an unknown source of workouts, or getting bored with the hamster wheel in the garage, or needing a change of scenery than your neighborhood its nice to have an option. I took that option yesterday with my

  • It’s Not Going to be Easy

    It’s Not Going to be Easy

    “Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great.” The journey that we’re on isn’t an easy one. I’ve learned a lot of lessons so far. The first and most important is that this is not easy. Gaining the weight was

  • But I’ll Bulk Up!

    But I’ll Bulk Up!

    Weight training is such an important part of working out. I see so many of my friends who do two things. Starve themselves and cardio. Don’t do that. Starving yourself is not going to last. Eventually you will eat, you’re body will be in starvation mode and all of that fat will be stored away

  • New Personal Record!

    New Personal Record!

    Today was my first outdoor run in a week. I twisted the knee last week and was babying it on the treadmill. I pushed it today. I’m glad I did! Hit a new running PR! Almost 5 1/2 miles. If you told me three months ago my go to running distance would be 5+ miles,


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