About Offensively Patriotic

About Offensively Patriotic

Last Updated: February 11th, 2022

About Us – Our Manifesto: Truth, Freedom, and Fearless Humor

To offer news, opinion, humor and truth all under a patriotic banner. We want you to be TRULY informed while enjoying what you read.

Welcome to Offensively Patriotic, where the spirit of the Constitution guides our quest for truth, wrapped in the bold humor of unapologetic patriotism. Our mission is to provide a bastion for free thought and speech, offering news, opinions, and investigative insights unshackled by the constraints of mainstream narrative.

We believe in, and follow fully, the U.S. Constitution and look to it for our core values which also includes honor, courage and commitment.

Embracing the Offensive to Celebrate Freedom

At Offensively Patriotic, we revel in the freedom to express, to challenge, and to entertain. Our content is a blend of provocative truths and patriotic fervor, designed to stimulate thought, invoke laughter, and sometimes outrage. We navigate the tightrope of controversy with the balance of truth, using humor as our shield and the Constitution as our compass.

About Our Store: A Trove of Patriotic Provocation

Beyond our editorial endeavors, Offensively Patriotic boasts a vast store filled with clothing, gear, and memorabilia that resonate with our ethos. Each item in our collection is a badge of honor, a statement of allegiance to freedom, and a nod to the humor that defines us.

Anonymity as Our Ancestral Armor

Echoing the traditions of pseudonymous speech in American history, we honor the legacy of anonymity not as a cloak for deception, but as a tool for pure expression. Anonymity defends the right to dissent and ensures that ideas are judged on their merit, not marred by ad hominem attacks. Our platform stands as a modern-day arena where the anonymous voices of our contributors can resonate with the raw authenticity of their convictions.

The Offensively Patriotic Promise

We pledge to wield our anonymity responsibly, ever mindful of its power and pitfalls. Our commitment is to offer a space where the quest for truth, the embrace of freedom, and the joy of humor converge in a symphony of patriotic discourse.

Oh… and no grifting here. We aren’t here to use you for your money, unlike other legacy and even some alternative media establishments. While we do require money to run, we won’t ever beg or try and sell you $20 candy bars.

Join Our Ranks

In an era where speaking out can be a rebellion, Offensively Patriotic is your rallying cry. Here, the spirit of liberty thrives, and every word we publish is a testament to the enduring values that forge our nation’s identity. We invite you to explore, engage, and revel in the unabashed glory of being Offensively Patriotic.

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