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Last Updated: February 11th, 2022

Thank you for taking the time in looking deeper into Offensively Patriotic. Keep reading below to find out more about us and our other businesses and projects.

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To offer news, opinion, humor and truth all under a patriotic banner. We want you to be TRULY informed while enjoying what you read.

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We believe in, and follow fully, the U.S. Constitution and look to it for our core values which also includes honor, courage and commitment.

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We cherish your privacy as if it were our own. Go here to read our privacy policy.

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Go here to read our terms and conditions.

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Go here if you would like to contact us.

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“The nation which forgets its defenders will be, itself, forgotten.”

– Calvin Coolidge

-Some Give So Much

When you think of a patriot what do you think of? Just the soldier? The Marine? Perhaps an Airman or a Seaman? They are. They are the ultimate patriots. However, there are others. So many others who are true patriots. Who have given so much and are so often forgotten. So many of our men and women who dedicate their lives to country and countrymen are forgotten.

I’ve talked about the suicide and homelessness rate among our veterans before. Approximately 11% of homeless adults are veterans. That would be about 67, 495 homeless veterans. The suicide rate for veterans is 1.5 times greater among veterans than anyone else. About 20 veterans a day, across the country, take their lives. That’s entirely too many who are living on the streets and killing themselves.

Who else suffers from PTSD that can cause them to end their own lives? First responders. So many don’t get the time needed to recover between traumatic events which results in 6.8% experiencing depression. 16.8% end up having PTSD and up to 28% have considered ending their own lives.

-What Can We Do?

What can we possibly do to help veterans and first responders? I’ve heard some people say nothing. Why should we help them?

Because. They’ve given so much to help us, save us, and keep us safe that the least we can do it help them heal and stay off the streets. We can offer them counseling, aid, and a place to stay.

But there’s homeless shelters.

Yeah, have you ever been to one? They try their hardest to help everyone. They have limited space and don’t specialize in the sorts of mental health issues that so many of our heroes experience because of their experiences.

We can help.

-The Offensive Patriots Helping Forgotten Patriots

This is the idea.

It’s still so very basic, but it’s how we can give back and help.

A center that is specifically for those who are forgotten and patriots. Our veterans, their families, and our first responders. A place where they can live to get back on their feet. A place for them to socialize and be with others who understand what they’ve been through in their lives. Counseling to help them come to terms with what they’ve seen or done in order to protect others. Career counseling to help those who haven’t been able to find a job can find a job. Drug and alcohol counseling to help those who have turned to the bottle to drown out the pain. Volunteering for those who integrated back into civilian life but want to reach out and help their brothers and sisters.

We want to help. We want to give back.

The other half of Offensively Patriotic is a veteran. He’s my inspiration for this center. My grandfather is my inspiration. My uncles. Friends. Strangers. Everyone who has fought. Who have sacrificed. Who have driven an ambulance into a terrible neighborhood to save the life of someone they don’t know. Who have ran into a burning building to save a kid they don’t know. And those who patrol our streets keeping us safe at home.

-When Will This Be a Reality?

This is something that is still in the thought stage of things. The one day it will happen stage. We’re still just a baby social media site that is growing. But this is our plan on giving back. Our plan to aid our Forgotten Patriots.

In the meantime‚Ķ if you know of any hotels that are or will be going up for sale, drop us a line. Yes, we want to convert a hotel into the Forgotten Patriot’s center.

-I Wanna Help, Too!

Great. We need all the help we can get. How can you help though? If you want to help right now, feel free to donate. We’re working on obtaining sponsors and fundraising, but that takes time.

If you want to help once the Forgotten Patriots center is up and running, keep an eye out for a call for volunteers. People who want to help face-to-face.

We will gladly accept any form of help whether it’s monetary or volunteer.



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