Cia Employee Admits The Fbi Went After Alex Jones And 20 Undercover Agents At J6 1
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CIA employee says the quiet part out loud. He admits to an undercover journalist that the FBI targeted Alex Jones and there were at least 20 undercover FBI agents at J6.

Sound Investigations posted a bombshell of a video today with a CIA employee admitting to the quiet part out loud. Gavin O’Blennis was caught on camera as he discussed January 6 and Alex Jones. In the video he disgustingly talked about the methods that those three letter agencies use to take power from their political opponents.

Gavin O'blennis
Cia Employee

“Nothing like putting out a fake social media thing to like really get people mad,” he stated, also highlighting Alex Jones as one target of the intelligence community. “We were after him hardcore,” he said of Jones.

“Are you still after him?” the undercover journalist asked, with him answering, “No … because he’s broke. He got found guilty and had to pay like a hundred million dollars.” The journalist went on to ask whether the “goal” was to “bankrupt him,” and he responded, “pretty much.”

The undercover journalist questioned him if the families of the Sandy Hook Shooting victims were encouraged to sue Jones by the FBI for defamation, with him explaining how they “nudge” people into making specific decisions. “We don’t encourage people,” he said. “We just say ‘there’s no federal statute being broken but you have the option for a civil case and it’s a pretty good case in our opinion.’”

“There’s nothing federally we can do … but civilly you can go at him that way and chop his legs off,” he added. “We did what we wanted … took his money away. We shut him up for a while.”

Jones was ordered to pay nearly $1 billion to the Sandy Hook families because of words. It makes you wonder if the FBI and CIA managed to get ahold of the prosecutor and judge prior to the hearing.

He made further claims while discussing Jones that President Donald Trump incited a riot before talking about the approximate 20 undercover FBI agents that were present in the J6 crowd.

This comes after years of the FBI and federal government denying claims that there were any agents present…even Ray Epps.

The FBI denied the claims all the way to Congressional hearings.

FBI Director Christopher Wray previously stated in hearings regarding January 6th that he was “not sure there were undercover agents on scene,” doubling down in an answer to Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ).

BIGGS: I understand that, I just thought I heard you say you did not know whether there were FBI agents or informants or human sources in the Capitol or in the vicinity on January 6. Did I misunderstand you?

WRAY: I referred very specifically to undercover agents.

BIGGS: Are you acknowledging then there were undercover agents?

WRAY: As I sit here right now, I do not believe there were undercover agents on scene.

“I thought you said that there were FBI agents in the crowd at J6?” the undercover journalist asked.

“There are, there always are when there’s a big protest in DC, just in case it gets out of hand like that,” he responded before going on to say “There wasn’t enough to turn that tide.”

“I’m talking we maybe had 20. You needed 1,000 to get rid of that crowd,” he said. “Just to go through, to observe, to see what they can hear, you know that kind of thing.” The video also shows O’Blennis affirming that the FBI didn’t want the public to know that they had agents embedded in the crowd and saying that he personally knows agents who were in attendance. “They work for the Agency now,” he said about the former FBI agents, referencing the CIA.

“Do people know that the Bureau was in the crowd?” the undercover Sound Investigations journalist asked, with him responding, “Nope, and they probably never will.”

He went on to explain in detail some of the tactics that those three letter agencies use against those they see as political opponents they want to silence.

“You can kinda put anyone in jail if you know what to do … You set ‘em up,” he remarked to the undercover journalist. “You create the situation where they have no choice but to act on their impulse, and once they act on that impulse, some would call that entrapment.”

“Does the Bureau practice entrapment a lot?” the undercover journalist asked. “We get really close … we get as close as we can,” he stated before going into greater detail on the methods that the intelligence agency allegedly uses on members of the American public.

“You put a post out there or you have some fake profile say something that triggers, that we know is going to trigger them, right?” he stated. “Like we already know your history. If we’re at that point we already know everything about you. So we’re like ‘Oh this will piss him off.’ Sometimes you just light the fuse and wait for it to follow.”

Hopefully this admission will help the January 6 political prisoners being held illegally and even vindicate Alex Jones.

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