• Meme: Who is Controlling Biden?

    Meme: Who is Controlling Biden?

    Have an Open Mind and Look at Things From Another Angle. Who is Controlling Biden? Where do the cables lead to? If you don’t have an open mind, you automatically jump to the “this is crazy to think he’s a robot” conclusion. That’s not what this is suggesting. Those with an open mind will understand

  • Meme: Hooters Girls in 2021

    Meme: Hooters Girls in 2021

    Heard About the Hooters Girls Yelling About the New Shorts? Maybe they’d be happier if Hooters changed its name to Hooters and Booters? Hoots and Ass? Either way, it’s funny to see the girls mad over Hooters new uniforms. Leave your thoughts below or in the community forums.

  • Meme: Tyranny, Australian for Freedom

    Meme: Tyranny, Australian for Freedom

    What do you get when you take authoritarian Premier of Victoria, Australia Daniel Andrews, Foster’s and Dos Equis and mix them together? You get this meme.

  • Meme: Swiss Constitution

    Meme: Swiss Constitution

    Making Swiss Cheese of the U.S. Constitution Meme This meme is dedicated to all the leftists out there you seem to pick and choose what parts of the Constitution they believe exists. Oh… and the modern mainstream media as well. Check out other memes in our Satire & Memes section, on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Meme: This is the NFL on Social Justice

    Meme: This is the NFL on Social Justice

    The NFL thinks it is gaining customers and popularity by riding this Social Justice wave, but they’ll find out how wrong they are.

  • Meme: Baby Mini Mike

    Meme: Baby Mini Mike

    Baby Mini Mike spent all that money… Yeah. Yeah. We get it. “Don’t pick on people’s heights.” Get over it. It’s a joke. I mean, even @StefanMolyneux is upset about this and he’s on the right. Look, the guy doesn’t even accept his own height. He stands on step boxes and Google seems to hide

  • Meme: The Four Congresswomen of the Apocalypse

    Meme: The Four Congresswomen of the Apocalypse

    We all know the four congresswomen who have been nicknamed “The Squad.” The Squad consists of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley. All have been propped up against Trump because they are “women of color” and we all know you aren’t allowed to question or think differently from people of color without

  • Meme: Send Her Back

    Meme: Send Her Back

    This meme basically explains the biggest issue with the Democrat party today. The Dems are very hypocritical and at the same time, they like to over exaggerate something or even lie about what the Republicans say in order to make it worse than things they say themselves. These two issues with that party equate to


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