The Best Hiking Boots

The Best Hiking Boots 1

Hiking Boots

I’m an avid hiker. I have been since before I could walk. I mean it, my mom would put in a Snugli and off we went on our great adventures. As I grew up I became more comfortable in the woods and mountains than in the city.

I found what I loved. A real passion honestly. If I could get paid to hike for the rest of my life, I would do it.

Of course there is a lot that goes into planning a day hike.

If you want to read about the planning of hike and what we usually take with us read HERE.

In my lifetime I have had many, many hiking boots, shoes, and sandals. The most important aspect of hiking is your footwear. If you have uncomfortable shoes you’re not going to enjoy your hike or ever want to go again. Aching feet suck. Blistered feet from ill-fitting boots or shoes sucks.

Last year I purchased hiking sandals since it was a god awfully hot summer. Cushioned. Airy. And wonderful.

Santa decided to be kind to the husband and I this year, he brought us hiking boots. Not just any hiking boots but, in my sudo-expert opinion, the best hiking boots.

I’m still in the breaking-in phase of these wonderful clouds of comfort and I’m not even uncomfortable in the breaking-in phase. No discomfort!

What are these wonderful shoes? Who makes these fantastic cloud pillows for the hikers feet?

Columbia Sportswear Company.

The Best Hiking Boots 2
Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot
The Best Hiking Boots 3
Columbia Grant Pass

The shoes on top are mine. They’re the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot in size 9.5. You can find them HERE

The shoes on the bottom are the husbands. They’re the Columbia Grant Pass Waterproof High-Top Hiking Boots for Men size 11.5.
You can find them HERE

Comfort: The Columbia shoes are definitely top notch for comfort. With hiking boots you have to make sure you size up to accommodate your hiking socks. I’m normally a size 9, I go up half a size to a 9.5. They fit absolutely perfectly. It was as though Columbia snuck into my bedroom and formed these boots just for my feet.

Stability: I have TERRIBLE ankles. Seriously, my ankles suck. The ankle high boots are wonderful. They have great stability for my flimsy, floppy ankles.

Traction: The only reason the traction isn’t at a 5 is simply because we haven’t gone hiking yet. I haven’t had a chance to really test these out in the woods and up the mountains just yet. I have a few tough trails in mind to start with once this weather breaks. From what I’ve done so far though, they’re great when it comes to cruddy terrain. There’s a slight incline in my yard, it’s a muddy mess right now. I usually end up falling every time I walk around. Since wearing these? Nope. No falling in the mud.

I’ll hold off on other star ratings until I’ve hiked a few miles in them.

But these aren’t my first pair of Columbia’s. They tend to be my go to. I have never had a pair that I haven’t loved. Based on past pairs, they’ve been excellent for water resistance, durability and weight. The biggest test I had when I was 8. (Yes…8) We went on a 2 week hike through Canada. They were more than amazing. Comfortable. Durable. And kept my poor feet dry and blister free.
If you’re in the market for new boots or you’re new to hiking and want something that will last you won’t go wrong with a pair of Columbia hiking boots.

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