Grunt Style Apparel Review 1
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Grunt Style Clothing

Where do I start?


I love comfy clothes. I love comfy clothes that will offend people, especially if it’s patriotic. (Hello, Offensively Patriotic)

Enter Grunt Style. I learned about them just a year ago. I was intrigued. I was intimidated. I stalked their website formulating everything I would buy. (Which is going to be everything.)

As Christmas approached I racked my brain for what to buy the hubs. The man with EVERYTHING.

He needs t-shirts. YES!

The shopping began. He’s a walking billboard for them now. (You’re welcome, Grunt Style. It’s literally the only shirt he wears now besides Hodge Twins, which will be a review for another day.)

I felt left out. Well, shit. I found them. I discovered them for the house! I wanted some.

Y’all, I know why it’s all he’ll wear! Holy, comfort Batman!

The first one I bought for myself was the original Rebel in the relaxed fit because let’s face it, it’s right after the holiday’s and momma’s got a few pounds to shed. The relaxed fit covers what I need it to cover without looking like a damn moomoo like so many other “relaxed” fit shirts do. It’s a basic cotton blend and it definitely accentuates the uh…sweater kittens. Hubs does not complain about that feature.

The graphics are great. I haven’t had one that wasn’t exactly what the website showed. Some look even better in person. Hubs favorite is the USMC Tun Tavern Staff shirt. Bright yellows. Dark blacks. It’s amazing!

So if you want something that is incredibly comfortable and functional, these are the ones for you.

They have more than t-shirts of course. There are hoodies, tank tops, headwear, outdoorsy stuff, masks, baby stuff, workout wear, drink stuffs, flags, and even more.

So. Much. Awesome.

The company is owned by a veteran which is AMAZING.

But why is that amazing? You may be asking yourself.

WE ARE VETERAN OWNED! (Well, half. Half veteran half woman. He’s the veteran. I’m the woman. We own it together. Teamwork. In life and business.)

It also leads to the Patriotism. Can you be more patriotic than veteran-owned? Another thing that I absolutely LOVE about Grunt Style? Have you ever watched anything, anything at all, that has the company in it? Anything from Angry Cops? On Instagram? They. Are. Unapologetically. Offensive.

Ohhhhh man. That gets you right in the lady feels. In a good way. (I’m married to a Marine. Fuck and offensiveness is a common theme around here.)

Grunt style is my absolute go-to company. Birthday party? Well, 6-year-old Johnny is getting some seriously fucking offensive shirts. Okay, offensive in the way of guns on the shirts. That’s apparently offensive nowadays. Either way, you can outfit your kids with gear that will give your mother-in-law an aneurysm when they go to visit for the weekend.

If you give zero fucks about what anyone who even glances to the left thinks, you need to get over to Grunt Style and start ordering. Order it all. Join their club. Support this incredibly awesome, Veteran owned company.

Grunt Style Apparel Review 2
This is the hubs favorite of all his Grunt Style. It looks AMAZING on him. Dem arms!
Grunt Style Apparel Review 3
This is the second favorite. Why? Have you seen the news about the Gadsden flag being deemed “offensive” and a “hate symbol”. Hate symbol that shit up!
Grunt Style Apparel Review 4
The relaxed fit is beyond comfortable and fits AMAZINGLY! GET THEM ALL!
Grunt Style Apparel Review 5
This hugs you in ALL the right places. It accentuates those curves and those sweater kittens.

You can buy all of their product HERE . I wonder how they’ll look my hiking boots, which you can read that review HERE.

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