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ACal Apparel Review

ACal Apparel Review


Great apparel and designs. Soft fabric. Made to fit those who are more muscular. All products sourced from the US except hats which Adam says he's still working on finding good hats from the U.S.

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ACal Apparel is a fairly new clothing brand by Adam Calhoun, an American country and hip-hop singer claiming to be 100% American Made.

His music is awesome. We love American-made products so of course, we had to buy one of his shirts and see if it held up to the hype.

It does.

ACal Apparel

While ACal Apparel is still new there is a nice selection of hats, clothing, and accessories for your Patriotic needs. We love competition, so even though we have our own merch, we still support others who are pro-American.

We’re huge fans of companies who manufacture their American-made products in America. One thing we’ve noticed is that some companies will print their product in America but the product itself is not American-made.

That’s not a make-or-break, but it’s a big side-eye for us. Which is why ACal really piqued our interest.

The shirts are only in men’s styles so I bought the man the shirt. Ordering was really easy. I was expecting to get it a few weeks later, nope it was maybe 5 days. So speedy shipping and delivery which was awesome.

The shirts themselves are your basic T-shirts. I ordered The Patriot and the large was true to size. The man has rather large biceps and an impressive chest so finding shirts that fit him is kind of hard. A lot of the large shirts he finds will fit him in the waist/stomach area but are really tight across the chest, neck, and arms. ACal’s shirts seem to be made for the muscular man. The material is extremely soft and stretchy which fits like butter on the bulging muscles that men are supposed to have. I seriously love the way it looks on him. I mean…hot damn.

The shirt is versatile as far as what to wear it for. Going grocery shopping, working out, America First rallies, or to piss off your liberal neighbors which we have a lot of and is something we love doing.

I put the shirt on just to see how comfy it was. I want one for myself. The fabric is SO incredibly soft. It’s like being wrapped up in a cloud.

So far ACal is by far the most Patriotic clothing brand we’ve found. The products are all made in America, printed in America, and shipped in America. So they get all 5 stars for their Patriotism.

We 100% recommend giving ACal Apparel a shot. If you’re always disappointed in your large shirts not fitting like a large or forming around your muscular arms, neck, and chest…theirs do.

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