Best 5 Guns to Conceal Carry For Ladies

Best Guns for Ladies
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Best 5 Guns to Conceal Carry For Ladies

For those of us with CCP’s (Conceal Carry Permits) in States where one is needed, the most exciting thing is finding a gun that we can conceal carry.

I don’t know about you other ladies but my clothes don’t allow for a lot of concealing. My pants don’t have large pockets, I don’t have a huge purse, my shirts aren’t the loosest, and I love wearing dresses. So what’s a gal to do?

Well, I have a few personal favorites that I’ve found as well as a few others I have my eye on. Here’s the list of best 5 guns to conceal carry for ladies.

Gun #1: Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380

Best 5 Guns to Conceal Carry for Ladies - #1

This is a nice, light, and compact gun. It’s easy to load, unload, and just carry. I always thought that all guns are very heavy. This one is not and it’s not badly priced. The Bodyguard is a .380. This is a particularly lightweight pistol that features a high-strength polymer frame with a black, matte-coated stainless-steel slide and barrel. The design features include a 2 ¾-inch barrel, which contributes to an overall length of 5 ¼ inches and an unloaded weight of only 12.3 ounces

Gun #2: Taurus Spectrum 380

Best 5 Guns to Conceal Carry for Ladies - #2

The Taurus is another that I like a lot. It’s a .380 ACP pistol that is a dual-capacity handgun boasting double, semiautomatic action. That’s just a scary word that liberals want you to be afraid of semiautomatic. Another word for another post. This particular pistol is crafted with a 2.8-inch barrel and integrated low-profile sights and includes 2 magazines (one is a low profile mag you see inserted in this photo) and a cable lock. It’s also made in the United States. Keep in mind that this particular handgun does not have a safety, so keep in mind your finger is now your only safety.

Gun #3: Beretta Nano

Best 5 Guns to Conceal Carry for Ladies - #3

I’m going girly with this one. This is a ‘micro’ pistol that you can get in PINK! This pistol utilizes a removable, serialized sub-chassis. It can be modified to replace the grip frames and is easy to disassemble and maintain. The Nano has a very low profile, snag free design which makes it easy to carry and draw from concealment. What I really like is that the magazine release button can be easily reversed to accommodate right or left-handed people. The sights are adjustable with a 1.3mm hexwrench and your fingers. This enables you to adjust the sight without a gunsmith. Also, made in the U.S.

Gun#4: Walther PPS M2

Best 5 Guns to Conceal Carry for Ladies - #4

I first heard about Walther on Louder with Crowder. While I haven’t had the opportunity to fire this beautiful weapon, I would love to. The Walther PPS M2 is a 9mm that comes with two magazines. The barrel length is 3.18 inches, the barrel is 5-inches with polygonal rifling and a serrated, nonslip slide and 3-dot sights. Some of the safety features that are included are a cocking indicator and loaded chamber view-port. Describing it doesn’t do it justice. The Walther PPS M2 is a thing of beauty.

Gun #5: Sig Sauer P320 NITRON SUBCOMPACT

Best 5 Guns to Conceal Carry for Ladies - #5

Now, this was a gun that was on my list of first guns to buy. I went with another though, mainly just because of feeling in hand. This weapon is a beautiful piece of weaponry. The pistol offers a smooth, crisp trigger that makes any shooter more accurate. There is a 3-point take-down and modularity that can fit any shooter. The smaller frame makes great for concealment or small-handed shooters. The Sig Sauer P320 has SIGLITE Night Sights and accessory rail. The nice thing about this particular gun is you can get it in 9mm and 40 S&W.

Do you prefer something no on our list? Let us know below or in the forums.

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