Reopening the World

Reopening the World
Reopening the World, Reopening the Economy

As we head into week six of the world closures people are becoming restless. Protests are popping up across the country of people wanting their freedoms back. The freedoms that the government stripped away from “the good of the people”.

President Donald Trump has said for the people to liberate their states.

It would seem that world is split on the liberation and reopening the economy. States like New York seem to be falling apart.

Should governors start reopening their states?

Texas, Georgia and other southern states are starting to talk about the necessary steps to reopening those non-essential businesses. Gyms, nail salons, restaurants and the such. Some states actually are reopening certain locations and counties.

Reopening the World

Is that a wise decision though? Do you trust people to start going out in mass groups again? SARS-Cov2 seems to spread rather quickly, easily and mutates on its own. The symptom list has been growing rapidly over the past few weeks.

Should the government mandate stipulations for going out in public like it has?

Here in PA Governor Tom Wolf has mandated that all businesses are to turn away any customers who are not wearing a mask. Including doctor’s offices.

Should they have the power to do this?

Or should they let the people do what they want? It’s not as though you can’t social distance and stay home on your own. If you are concerned about contracting Covid-19, you don’t have to go out. You can opt to stay home.

Do Freedoms End?

At what point do our freedoms end because of others’ fears? Should Governors for individual states make the decision on reopening their economy? How long do we allow the fear of this virus control our everyday lives?

While I will continue to social distance until this is abated, I do not think the government has a right to force us to stay inside.

How is sitting on lake, alone or with your kids who you are quarantined with anyway, not social distancing? How is running on a beach not social distancing? How is hiking through the woods not social distancing?

When you give the government an inch, the seem to take a mile. It’s a slippery slope we are on right now. Our freedoms are being revoked and we’re threatened with penalties such as fines or even jail time. While they are releasing prisoners from prison.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Have your own opinions on reopening the world? Let us know in the comments below or in the forums.

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