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Where’s the Justice?

Where’s the Justice?
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George Floyd

May 25, 2020 a man died in police custody. George Floyd.

What’s been happening ever since is complete injustice and not the justice that is supposedly being sought after.

What started as peaceful protesting about the injustice that was dealt to Mr. Floyd quickly devolved into violent rioting and looting.


What exactly does robbing a Nike store and burning down Minneapolis have to do with a man dying?

Across the country over the weekend many democratically ran cities were overran by these…animals. I’m not sure what else to call them. They are violent animals who attacked people, robbing, looting, and burning down their cities. They hurt more than the “corporate overlords” as so many people have called them.

Celebrities have donated $17 million dollars to a legal fund to bail out these rioters. They are giving money to defend domestic terrorists who are robbing stores and beating the shit out of people on the streets.

Rioting and looting are not forms of protest. This is violence. Low IQ psychopaths are the ones who have devolved into the rioters. They don’t want to listen to dissenting opinions. If you disagree, they will beat you. They will stomp you.

The Democratic party has not come out in opposition to the violence these past couple of weeks. In fact, many of the parties leaders and supporters are encouraging this behavior. Celebrities are cheering on these animals.

Would they continue to cheer on the rioters if they came to their gated communities? Is it only okay when they are burning down our cities? Is it only okay when they are stomping and beating us?

Lady Justice Versus Street Injustice

The protesters and rioters cry for justice.

The officer who killed George Floyd was arrested. They called for the arrest of the other three who were present. Those officers were arrested. All four have lost their jobs.

They are not on administrative leave. They are not collecting a paycheck. They are awaiting an investigation and trial. Due process. As every American is granted. Even murderers.

Why are they burning down America?

Why are they stomping shop owners and people driving?

These violent rioters and looters are not honoring the life of a man killed by police. They don’t care. They couldn’t give two shits about George Floyd. He was against riots. His brother has come out and said to stop the riots.

“I’m outraged too. Sometimes I get angry, I want to bust some heads too,” Terrence Floyd said Sunday on ABC. “My brother wasn’t about that. My brother was about peace. You’ll hear a lot of people say he was a gentle giant.”

America Divided

What is happening to America? What will happen to those who are against these riots and looters? The country is devolving. It’s turning into a country of these people against those people. We are turning into a divided country due to the hate that has filled peoples hearts. We have tolerated the low IQ mentality of people for such a long time the mobs think that they are in charge and that their violence will get them what they want.

Guess what?

Our government is allowing them to think that way. Companies, like Nike and Star Wars, that virtue signal are allowing them to think that way. George Soros and his billions are allowing them to think that way.

Stop following along and being a low IQ neanderthal. Think for yourself. Don’t let your peaceful protest turn into a violent riot.

Wake up.

Let us know in the comments below or forums what you think about the situation.

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