I Will Not Kneel
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I Will Not Kneel

As the riots and protests continue into a third week, we’ve been seeing something rather disturbing. Those who are supposed to be leaders in our government are taking a knee. Nancy Pelosi and the other clowns in Washington wore scarves and took a knee for 9 minutes. Fun fact, those scarves seem to be from the Ashanti Empire which was an empire in what is now modern-day Ghana. The Ashanti Empire sold slaves to the British.

Those who are “kneeling in solidarity” wore the kente cloth of an empire that sold slaves.

Let that sink in.

These are also the same people who called out President Trump for having a “photo op” moment at a church… themselves having a photo op moment 3 days later.

I Will Not Kneel

Our police, sheriffs and soldiers have been kneeling and participating in “die ins”.

What message is this sending?

They are showing bias.

Those in the terrorist organizations of Antifa and BLM are demanding that white people kneel and apologize… for being white.

I will not kneel.

I absolutely refuse to virtue signal to any other human being. I will not be submissive to any other human being. I will not kneel and apologize for being born. I will not wash anyone’s feet except my own.

The Lie of Systemic Racism

Something that a lot of people tend to ignore is the fact that there are more white men who are killed by police every year than other races while having less police encounters than blacks.

In 2019 there were 375 white people shot by police while 235 black people were shot. In 2020 so far, 172 white people have been shot and 88 black people have been. And when you take into account the amount of crime and police interactions that black men have when compared to white men, the issue of “but there’s more whites than blacks” is nullified.

I Will Not Kneel 1

In 2016, Tony Timpa called the police due to a mental health crisis he was having after he stopped taking his medication.

The handcuffed him, zip tied his feet and laughed as he cried to them that he couldn’t breath. They laughed. Even after his body went limp and he wasn’t breathing, they laughed. They stayed on his back for 14 minutes.

Tony was a 32 year-old white man.

There was no outrage for Tony. No protests. No riots. In fact, those police officers were put on administrative leave before being allowed to go back to work.

I will not kneel because no person is better than another.

Not all police are bad. Not all white people are bad. Not all black people are bad.

I will not kneel.

We do not need to defund the police. We do not need to make demands for free shit.

I will not kneel.

We need to work together for all people. We need to love and respect everyone because All Lives Matter.

I will not kneel.

You’re life is not more important than my life and my life is not more important than yours.

We are all equally important.

I will not kneel. I will not virtue signal. I will not bow to your feelings because you’re being a sensitive cuck or simp. I will not wash or kiss your feet.

I will not kneel.

Will you kneel? Or will you stand for America over these Marxists? Let us know below in the comments, in the forums or start a group.

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