UN Posts Tweet in Support of Antifa
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On June 19, 2020 at 11:55AM, it would seem as though the United Nations decided to Tweet their support of Antifa. Then, at some point, they removed said Tweet. Probably in the backlash they received. Don’t worry, though, as we made sure to grab a screen of it.

UN Posts Tweet in Support of Antifa

Is this really how the United Nations feels? Yes, peaceful assembly and freedom of expression absolutely exist in this country. Looting, threatening, rioting, taking over cities and assault are NOT accepted in this country.

Hey, UN, maybe try looking at some of the many other countries that DON’T allow freedom of expression…

Here’s just one conversation that was coming down hard on the UN.

UN Posts Tweet in Support of Antifa, then Removes It 1

There were many others like this one.

Let us know below what you think. Or start an account and converse in the forums.

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