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CHAZ is now called CHOP if you’re not keeping up with your anarchist news.

Trump and the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, have been battling on Twitter about CHOP and it’s anarchist residents who claimed the land of their own for freedom. Which ended up with Raz Simmone as their warlord.

They only lasted a few days before having to start posting up signs asking the outside for food. They had an out of control dumpster fire that required the fire department to cross into the anarchists paradise to put out.

The Mayor of the cesspool, Jenny Durkan, had this to say about CHOP.

According to her violently taking over 6 city blocks of a city, running the police out of town and extorting local businesses to pay them money for “protection” is peacefully protesting.

Then yesterday happened. Chaos in CHOP. Imagine that chaos with the anarchists. Remember just 10 days ago the mayor said these people are peaceful. Officers reported shots fired at Cal Anderson Park (In CHOP) at 2:20 am. A volunteer medic inside the zone, John Moore, was attending to a victim who was punched in the face during another confrontation when he heard six-eight shots.

“Officers attempted to locate a shooting victim but were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers’ safe access to the victims,” the police statement said.

The mayor thinks that these are the people that we should listen to in order to change the government. They are part of the “defund the police” movement that seems to be sweeping the nation at the moment. What would happen if we did defund the police? Well just look at CHOP. How’s that going for them?

Residents who lived within the CHOP borders before the illegal take over by the domestic terrorists are not happy about how things are going. They are unable to get police support. Ambulances can’t get through. And it’s not quite as peaceful as you would think.

“These people moved in, and they act like they’re really nice during the day,” Hope said. “They have rave parties at night with DJs and light shows. These people are evil at night. They’re horrible.”

Hope says she has tried to call police for assistance, but to no avail.

“I’d go almost to a homeless shelter right now, just to be away from the violence,” she said.

Now is the time for the mayor of this cesspool and the Governor of Washington to take back Seattle. They need to restore order and they need to help those whose lives have been completely turned upside down by this.

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