• Seattle Police Chief Resigning

    Seattle Police Chief Resigning

    Seattle Police Chief Resigning Following Vote to Defund Police Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best is resigning today, Tuesday August 11th, following a unanimous vote by city council to defund the police. Once news of Chief Best’s resignation leaked she emailed the police department with a bit of an explanation. “To the Women and Men of

  • Portland Mayor Joins Rioters, Gets Gassed

    Portland Mayor Joins Rioters, Gets Gassed

    Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler, Joins In Rioters and Ends Up Getting Tear-Gassed Himself The rest of the media will continue to call them “protesters,” but we know better. A few days ago, Mayor Wheeler made a statement that the federal police being there and countering the rioters was actually escalating things in the city. Then,

  • CHOP Gets Chopped

    CHOP Gets Chopped

    CHOP Gets Chopped, Finally Wednesday, July 1, 2020, Seattle police began to clear out Capitol Hill Organized Protest, aka CHOP. Businesses and other locals expressed their relief that the protesters were finally removed. So, CHOP gets Chopped. Mayor Jenny Durkan ordered the destruction of CHOP on Wednesday after protesters surrounded her house. Durkan authorized police

  • The United States of CHAZ

    The United States of CHAZ

    United States of CHAZ (CHOP?) Demands Seattle, Washington has turned into a cesspool. Antifa has taken over and turned six city blocks, including an abandoned police station, into the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Or… CHAZ. Another name that’s being said is CHOP which stands for Capital Hill Occupied Protest zone. The name CHOP also has

  • Violence in CHOP

    Violence in CHOP

    CHAZ is now called CHOP if you’re not keeping up with your anarchist news. Trump and the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, have been battling on Twitter about CHOP and it’s anarchist residents who claimed the land of their own for freedom. Which ended up with Raz Simmone as their warlord. They only lasted a


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