Portland Unrest
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Portland Mayor, Ted Wheeler, Joins In Rioters and Ends Up Getting Tear-Gassed Himself

The rest of the media will continue to call them “protesters,” but we know better.

A few days ago, Mayor Wheeler made a statement that the federal police being there and countering the rioters was actually escalating things in the city. Then, he decided to sue the federal government over the situation.

Last night, July 22nd 2020, the Mayor showed up with the rioters to make a speech. At first, Wheeler was booed and heckled when he was being a little less negative on the U.S. Once he caught onto this, he changed his tune quickly to announce that he is with everyone there and on their side. He warned that this situation will continue and spread across the U.S. if the federal police didn’t leave their city.

He was then entertained by his city being destroyed further and rioters trying to knock down the newest barricade put up around the federal buildings. This was done because just a day before, the federal courthouse was broken into and caught on fire.

The federal land is in fact, not owned by the city of Portland. This is an area that has always had federal police. Asking them to leave is asking them to give up federal land and buildings. That won’t happen.

The federal police are not leaving their jurisdiction to go after the rioters. The rioters are going into their jurisdiction. It’s also worth noting that they aren’t unmarked police throwing “protesters” into unmarked cars for arrest. They are marked and the protesters are rioters. There has to be a grey area between being a “bootlicker” and an anarchist. Accepting that police should uphold the law, doesn’t mean you agree with unlawful actions some of them take.

In the following video, Homeland Security explains that even though the Federal Police/Agents were authorized to remove their names from their uniform, they still have markings that show who they are and what department they work for. Go to the 22 minute mark if you want to skip directly to the markings explanation.

It’s likely the Mayor is redirecting the anger to the federal government. The reasons are plenty why this could be the truth.

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Portland Mayor Joins Rioters, Gets Gassed 1
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