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What’s Your Side?

What’s Your Side?
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What’s Your Side?

I just watched a recent video put out by Dan Bongino. There were a few things he said that really stuck out to me.

The first, the fight is coming to your door.

When I first saw it my first thought was, “Maybe. Eventually. I guess.”

No, friends. It’s not maybe, eventually, I guess. It is coming. I’ve been scrolling about through some of the local news media’s facebook posts to see what people are saying and how they’re reacting.

The psychotic left is still looking for people to screen shot to send to employers to fire. These people having nothing better to do than troll through comment sections for anyone who isn’t a liberal cuck. They will screenshot what you say and send it to your employer in the hopes they will terminate you.

They are trying to get you fired.

From Digital to Physical

Then….then I saw the greatest things. Two back to back actually.

The first was reported earlier today about 300 BLM protestors taking over New Kensington, Pennsylvania’s police station for a few hours on Sunday, June 14.

New Kensington’s police station turned into the “people’s station” for a few hours Saturday afternoon as about 300 people took over the city hall parking lot for a Black Lives Matter protest.

“This is the people’s station,” said Don Arner, resident and former professional wrestler, referencing Seattle protesters. “You signed up to be a police officer. I didn’t sign up to be black.”

The second occurred at my children’s school. This one really rubbed me the wrong way in so many ways.

First, they’re pandering to children spreading their misinformation.

Second, it’s children. Have you ever talked with a very young child who lives in a diverse area? Or has a mixture of friends? When you ask what’s different about them they usually mention their shoes are different or their hair. They don’t start thinking about skin color until they are taught that they’re different because of skin.

Yet, they host a rally for a criminal who beat a pregnant woman and held a gun to her stomach.

This is the brainwashing of our youth.

Another thing that he said was to not be a lemming following over the cliff. That’s exactly what’s going on right now. Everyone is following in a line right over the cliff without thinking for themselves which is just what the left want you to do. Don’t think for yourself. Don’t have your own opinion. Follow along mindlessly and do as they say.

The fight is coming to our front doors. We will have to be ready for standing our ground. We’re going to have to be prepared to possibly lose friends. We have to be prepared to lose family. We cannot allow the anarchists and socialists to take over the country.

Stand firm, Patriots. I ask you again, however, what’s your side?

Your best bet of keeping away from these crazy leftists on Facebook and the other mainstream social media platforms is to join us here in our community.

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