Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard Lies and is Under Investigation

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The officer in this video has been charged with felony murder.

An officer charged with felony murder after having a violent, intoxicated criminal steal a taser from him, shoot it at him and run.

What is felony murder?

Felony murder is a legal rule that expands the definition of murder. It applies when someone commits a certain kind of felony and someone else dies in the course of it. It doesn’t matter whether the death was intentional or accidental—the defendant is liable for it. The rule is usually limited to felonies that are inherently or foreseeably dangerous to human life, such as arson, rape, robbery, and burglary.

The Fulton County DA has charged the officers in this shooting before an investigation has even been completed. If Officer Rolfe is convicted of felony murder, he could possibly receive the death penalty. The death penalty for doing his job.

“We’ve concluded, at the time Mr. Brooks was shot, that he did not pose an immediate threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or officers,” Howard said at the news conference Wednesday.

“For 41 minutes and 17 seconds, he followed their instruction, he answered the questions,” Howard said of Brooks. He also noted Brooks “was never informed that he was under arrest… this is a requirement of the Atlanta Police Department.”

Howard added, “at the time that the shot was fired, the utterance made by Officer Rolfe was ‘I got him’ that was the statement that was made at that time… The city of Atlanta says you cannot even fire a Taser at someone who is running away, so you certainly can’t fire a gun, a handgun, at someone who is running away.”

You watched the entire video, right? You saw when Rayshard Brooks was fighting? Intoxicated? Stole the taser?

“We concluded and considered it as one of our important considerations that Mr. Brooks never presented himself as a threat,” Howard said.

Yet this DA is claiming he was not a threat. He was compliant. No. He was not.

“Mr. Brooks was calm, cordial and cooperative,” Howard said at a news conference Wednesday during which he went over the video evidence. “His demeanor was almost jovial.”

It doesn’t take an analyst to see that Brooks was anything but calm, cordial and cooperative. He fought the police.

Investigation of Attorney Paul Howard

Could this all be in response to all of the investigation and sexual assault allegations being brought about against Paul Howard, who has been the DA for Fulton County since 1997?

The GBI has opened an investigation of Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard and his use of a nonprofit to funnel at least $140,000 in city of Atlanta funds to supplement his salary

“This is not the first time what would be considered as an administrative matter for other Georgia elected officials is turned over to the GBI for investigation when it involves the Fulton County district attorney,” he said. This was in reference to the agency’s 2014 investigation of Howard’s use of money forfeited by criminals to pay for galas and dinners for his staff and their families.

I wish I could say I’m surprised that a Democrat would behave in such a horrendous manner, but is anyone actually surprised? Look at how every Democratically ran city and state are right now.

Records have shown that Paul Howard received two checks from Atlanta for $125,000 in 2015 and 2016 for his non-profit. He also paid himself differing amounts from those two checks which totaled $140,000.

Perhaps this particular DA needs to be taken out of office before he ends up getting a police officer killed for doing his job.

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