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Foreign Interference? 2
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Foreign Interference?

Foreign Interference?
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I say “foreign interference” but hear me out for a second.

Throughout most of last year the Democrats screamed and cried about Russian interference. Russian collusion. Trump HAD to be impeached.

Well, that was a giant and embarrassing flop for the Democrats.

Some of those who are die hard supporters of left and gobble up everything they say still believe that Trump colluded with Russia.

Yesterday Trump held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Teens on Tik Tok, a Chinese owned platform, and KPop fans, Korean Pop, bragged about reserving tickets with no intention of showing up to the rally.

These kids interfered with the president’s campaign rally with support of the left.

AOC even thanks the Tik Tok kids and Korea for aiding in defrauding the President and his supporters.

Remember this individual is an elected official in the United States government and she’s thanking Korea for helping interfere.

An Iowa woman was seen on Tik Tok encouraging people to reserve tickets and not show up.


Did you know you can make sure there are empty seats at Trump’s rally? BLM.

? original sound – Mary Jo Laupp #TikTokGrandma

The left is stooping to attempting to sabotage the President’s rally.

They kept claiming that the 19,000 seat stadium was empty. He still had 6,200 people in attendance. Reports are saying that 20,000 people couldn’t get to the stadium because of clashes with Antifa.

How is this okay? If conservatives tried to prevent people from going to Biden’s rally’s how quickly would the media vilify us? Not that Biden has to worry about having people at his rally’s. The left tries to make up for it by saying not to let crowds fool you.

Don’t let crowds fool you? The fact that President Trump’s supporters are showing up in force while Biden can’t even fill up a fire hall.

Will AOC and everyone on the left who encourages and leads these interference campaigns be held accountable? Hopefully.

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