Tyson James Empire Of Lies
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Independent Rapper Tyson James Recently Released a Solo Track Titled “Empire of Lies” About the Lies of Our Government; Now There’s a Music Video

Tyson James is the type of artist that really likes to push the limits and he doesn’t disappoint with “Empire of Lies.” Both the track and the video are not for those who walk around with blinders on all day. If you can’t handle the truth and subjects that may flip your world upside down, it’s best to get yourself in the right state of mind before listening to this track and/or watching this video.

Tyson James Empire Of Lies

Tyson starts off this track by reminding people that he lives the country, but that it’s time to call out the things that not only our government does wrong, but also the evil our society has allowed to flourish. He isn’t wrong and he isn’t wrong about the things Putin calls out about us. Many might not be able to admit those facts, but it doesn’t make them any less factual.

The cinematography in this video is pretty wild. The style of the surroundings with the lighting and cloud-like design goes above and beyond most of Tyson’s other videos (except maybe “Toxic”) and the baby part harvesting scenes will likely cause more leftist heads to explode.

Take the time to listen with an open mind. Step outside the typical everyday musings of what you think you know. Listen to the track, pay attention to the lyrics and bars and watch the imagery in the video. Let us know in the comments what you ultimately think once you cycle through the information Tyson provides.

Thanks for reading.

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