Russian Pows Ukraine
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Footage is Coming Out of Ukraine Showing Russian POWs Being Tortured and Shot in the Legs by Ukrainian Military Members

In the following video, Russian POWs are laying on the ground with broken and bullet-filled legs. Several Ukrainian military members are also seen kicking and taunting the POWs. You can also see later in the video that the POWs arriving even without damage are then shot in the legs to cripple them, so this isn’t simply a case of war torn soldiers showing up already in these conditions.

I believe this video shows definitive war crimes being performed by the Ukrainian military and unlike what our government and the corporate media says about Putin and his military, this is actual proof. Be warned that the video is extremely graphic and is NOT fake unlike most of the Ukrainian government propaganda. That being said, the investigation continues on whether or not these are actual Russian soldiers, paramilitary or similar and if the same things can be said about the other military doing the shooting.

Warning: Graphic Content. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

As you could see, the Russian POWs are being beaten, kicked and shot. These videos show the Geneva convention being broken by Ukraine’s military, or those linked to their military. Say what you will about Russia, but no videos exist of them doing similar acts.

It should be noted that the advisor to Ukraine’s President has come out and made a statement ordering the proper treatment of Russian POWs and if they find these videos to be of their own military members committing these acts that they will be punished. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you brainwash your troops into believing the Russians are not human.

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1 year ago

Lol now let’s take this to Moscow and kill every last Orc!!! Slavs Ukraina!

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