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Dismal approval ratings come out from NBC News poll for former vice president Joe Biden.

Americans’ are fed up with a lot of what the current installed regime is doing in our country. We’ve seen record high inflation which has no end in sight, record high gas prices, a war we have no business being in, and the “commander-in-chief” is the laughing stock of the world.

According to a NBC News poll put out on Sunday, Biden is at an all time ratings low.

Amid Europe’s largest land war since World War II, 7 in 10 Americans expressed low confidence in President Joe Biden’s ability to deal with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a new NBC News poll, and 8 in 10 voiced worry that the war will increase gas prices and possibly involve nuclear weapons. 

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  • Joe Biden Job Approval Ratings Drops To An All-Time Low 40% 1
  • Joe Biden Job Approval Ratings Drops To An All-Time Low 40% 2
  • Joe Biden Job Approval Ratings Drops To An All-Time Low 40% 3
  • Joe Biden Job Approval Ratings Drops To An All-Time Low 40% 4
  • Joe Biden Job Approval Ratings Drops To An All-Time Low 40% 5

Biden’s job-approval rating has dropped to the lowest of his time in the White House with 7 in 10 American’s lacking confidence in his ability to handle the current Russia/Ukraine situation that we see unfolding.

Before Biden was installed as Presiden’t of our great country our jobs numbers and economy rebounded greatly from the disaster that was Obama’s time ruining everything. Biden’s Job approval has plummetted to a measley 40% in just one short year as we high joblessness and businesses shut down. That is a 13% drop from April 2021.

The poll was conducted between March 18 and 22, before Biden left for his trip to Europe, where he met with allies, visited US troops in Poland and declared that Russian leader Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

Biden’s approval rating among Black respondents in the poll dropped two percentage points to 62%, while women respondents dropped from 51% approve to 44%. The president’s approval among Latinos also dropped 9 points to 39%, and it dropped 4 points among independent voters to 32%.

An incredible 82% of Americans say they are concerned that war will end with use of nuclear weapons while 74% fear that US troops will end up in Ukraine, and 83% are concerned that this war is going to continue affecting our inflation and gas prices.

“What this poll says is that President Biden and Democrats are headed for a catastrophic election,” Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinions Strategy said, according to NBC News — the outlet noted that McInturff carried out the survey along with Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates.

These numberes are not promising for the Democratic party as the midterms quickly approach. People are fed up and what a sense of normalcy back, and not a normalcy of war. Or high prices at the gas pump. Or having mini anxiety attacks going to the grocery store because prices continue to sky rocket.

Joe Biden Job Approval Ratings Drops To An All-Time Low 40% 6

When those who NBC polled asked who is to blame for this inflation 38% faulted Biden, 28% said it’s because of the pandemic, and 23% blamed corporations.

“You cannot get down to the low 40s in presidential approval unless you have strained your own base,”? said Bill McInturff, ?a GOP pollster? who helped conduct the survey, to NBC?.

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