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Tyson James’ “Toxic” Track Has Been Lighting Up the Internet and Many a Head Have Been Lost

Tyson James has been a very outspoken music artist against the many “progressive” agendas and all about the rights of the people, such as the second amendment. His top songs include “2A” (featuring Bryson Gray), “Mask Off” and “Rittenhouse” which have all annoyed many people, but not quite like his latest “Toxic” track. This song delves into accepting all of the many negative titles Conservatives or those the left deems Conservatives for not being left enough. Basically, Tyson James is just going with it at this point. The names and titles given to us are just words which they have completely made meaningless at this point anyway by overusing them and changing defintions.

Toxic may be the title of this track, but it’s obvious in the music video that Tyson James is okay with any other title like “homophobe, sexist, white supremacist” and more. Many might scoff at the idea of accepting white supremacist as a title, but when you see black conservatives being called the same thing… well… what does it even matter? You know you aren’t the ‘ist or ‘ism that they call you, so it’s whatever at this point.

Now, what has REALLY seemed to piss off progressives is the video depicting Tyson James spray painting and burning gay pride flags. Yes. Tyson dared to destroy the precious royal cloth of the Alphabet soup community. Horrible…. horrible…

The Young Turks, named after a genocidal group, have been especially vocal about the “Toxic” video. They don’t seem to care when the American flag is destroyed, but are completely shocked when it’s the Alphabet flag. Watch the video to see how “family friendly” they try to be all of a sudden, too. It’s pretty funny when they change their presentation of their broadcast to fit their agenda of being “family friendly” when they are typically not worried about it.

This “media organization” is such a joke. “WAP” seems to be a family friendly enough song for them, but “Toxic” isn’t? Oh, and being homophobic means being scare of gays. Being against the movement isn’t based in fear. Does Tyson James look afraid in this video? Is he cowering? No and no. In fact, many people were leaving gays alone until they started moving onto our kids, our schools and trying to change our way of life and definition to what a marriage is. The warning was being put out there to keep it in check, but gays were being left alone.

Now that we’re in the middle of a slippery slope, however, you’re going to see a pushback. Unfortunately, many of our big tech platforms and companies are filled with white guilt and “progressive” views and so the battle will be hard. Tyson James has already felt the backlash by more than just the media, but it seems like Instagram has removed Tyson’s main account.

Make sure to follow his new account on Instagram and any of his other social media accounts to show support.

Tyson James Toxic

What do you think about his “Toxic” track and video? I personally think it’s some of the best speed and flow that Tyson has brought to the table yet. In fact, much of the rest of his new album, “Here to Stay,” shows is progression as an artist. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts.

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