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Transgender Ukrainians are being delt a bad hand. While Ukraine portrays a progressive government, going so far as to legally recognise transgender individuals since 2017, they’re forcing “gender inspections” on individuals to determine if those fleeing the country are biologically men. If they are, under the martial law restriction, they’re sending those individuals back to the front lines.

An individual who was turned away by border guards described to The Guardian how they were inspected by two male guards at the Polish border.

“Ukrainian border guards undress you and touch you everywhere,” Judis says. “You can see on their faces they’re wondering ‘what are you?’ like you’re some kind of animal or something.”

Legally, Judis should have been allowed to pass with the thousands of other women who are crossing borders since her birth certificate defines her as a female. At 4am on March 12, after being searched by the two male border guards, they determined her as biologically man and sent her back.

The border guards allegedly told Judis, “you’re a guy, so get the hell out of here”, and that Judis should be  “grateful they didn’t call the police”.

Transgender Ukrainians Forced Back To Front Lines 1
Photograph: Alessio Mamo/The Guardian

“Go to the war”, the border guards insisted and highlighted that “more than 3 million people had already fled the country” so they wouldn’t be letting Judis out.

“I will try again to cross the border because it’s my right to leave and to live. And I will not remain silent. I will not be held prisoner,” Judis asserted.

Another incident involved a 24-year-old trans woman, Alice and her wife, Helen. Alice experienced the same examination by border guards who touched her body to determine if she was biologically a man.

Alice claims the guards “touched my breasts” and “checked my neck to see if I had an Adam’s apple”, before deciding Alice was a male and therefore was not permitted to leave Ukraine.

A trans man, who only has an ID showing as “female” claims to be terrified to leave his house to cross Ukraine.


Some of their fears are not simply about border guards stopping them but also from neighboring countries that they don’t know and feel that they could be more excluded and in danger.

Another trans man, who goes by Andriy, claims to have painted his nails violet and wore his mother’s shirt to look more feminine to deceive border guards. Andriy has not had medical surgery to fully transition and still possesses documents listing him as female despite identifying as male.

I guess sometimes the gender you’re born as doesn’t seem so bad.

“Military authorities can force me to the combat zone with a gun in my hand. This is wrong. All civilians want to run away from the nightmares from war, not only biological females … I want to run anywhere from this nightmare and start my life from zero,” Nick, who identifies as non-binary, said.

“Martial law says all males are obliged to serve in the military, so they can’t leave the country,” says Olena Shevchenko, 39, a human rights defender and the chair of Insight, a Ukrainian LGBTQ+ organization and one of the few public organizations in the country that works with trans people. “Technically, the law applies to trans people as well, including both certified trans men and trans women who had not changed their documents. But it sounds like Ukrainian border guards are preventing even trans people with a valid certificate reflecting their new gender from leaving Ukraine, and nobody knows why.”

“Like hundreds of trans people in Ukraine, I am a woman, but I have ‘male’ in my passport and on all my ID, so this is a war within a war. Ukrainian trans people were already fighting for their lives.” Zi Faámelu is a 31-year-old trans woman from Kyiv said. “Like hundreds of trans people in Ukraine, I am a woman, but I have ‘male’ in my passport and on all my ID, so this is a war within a war. Ukrainian trans people were already fighting for their lives. There are hundreds of us stuck like this, living miserable lives. We need some influence from abroad. We need people to write to their politicians and charities to help us.”

The progressive country of Ukraine is not being very progressive as we watch them violate people with these invasive searches. It makes you wonder just how good of a leader Zelenskyy is if he’s simply allowing border guards to grope transgendered individuals to find out what their biological sex is?

Is it right for them to force all men aged 18-59 to stay and fight back against the Russian forces? With the number of volunteers they have from Reddit and other countries, do they not have enough forces to keep the fighting at bay?

Zelenskyy seems to want his cake and eat it too. He wants the power and to be seen as this super progressive and an in-touch president while violating the rights and privacy of his people. He is nothing but a hypocrite that world leaders, elitists, and the MSM are praising as though he were the second coming of Jesus.

He’s not. He’s far from it. He’s nothing more than a puppet for the globalists pretending to be doing something worthwhile. All he’s doing is pushing forward that narrative while the rest of the world wears blinders to what is going on around them.

This is a great reason why our constitution is a valuable thing to have.

Almost all male US citizens and male immigrants, who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re drafted and put into the military when you register. It’s important to know that even though he is registered, a man will not automatically be inducted into the military. In a crisis requiring a draft, men would be called in a sequence determined by random lottery number and year of birth. Then, they would be examined for mental, physical, and moral fitness by the military before being deferred or exempted from military service or inducted into the Armed Forces.

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