Burden And Mesus Strength In Numbers
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Independent Rappers Burden and Mesus Have Collaborated and Released Album Strength in Numbers and Released a Video for Track the track “American Dream”

Continuing the trend of collaborating in the independent rap game, Burden and Mesus now join forces to release their own collaborative album project. These two have released multiple tracks in the past together, but this is their first album. One of those past songs, “Riot for Me,” is actually included as a bonus tack on the album and happens to be one of my favorite tracks by the two as it includes some of the realest and true lyrics and bars you will ever hear.

These two rappers will often remind everyone that they aren’t political. The simple fact is, everything normal has become political by being forced into politics. They rap about the truth. The truth isn’t political. The truth is simply the truth.

This album touches on topics like critical race theory, the second amendment and our collapsing country in general. Check out one of the new tracks below called “American Dream” which touches on Americans needing to wake up before the dream is gone.

What do you think? Make sure to check out the rest of the album and support these guys however best you can.

We’re working on a full album review now, so expect to see it sometime this weekend.

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