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An AI-powered data analysis program named Project Salus from the DoD has shown that Anthony Fauci and the government are hiding deaths and injuries from the covid vaccines.

The government-funded Project Salus data showed that the effectiveness of both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines significantly waned over time. Attorneys Tom Rens and Leigh Dundas discussed how the Department of Defense covered up the massive increases in miscarriages, cancer, neurological damage, and hiding data that was collected. That data showed 71% of new Covid cases and 61% of hospitalizations are fully vaccinated patients.

Project Salus

Project Salus has collected data on 5.6 million Medicare patients 65 and older, 2.7 million of those patients were vaccinated with Pfizer while 2.9 million received Moderna. The data was posted on October 5th on the Humetrix website.

The data showed that a majority of those 5.6 million patients were Covid positive.

Two studies from Israel and Qatar that were published in the New England Journal of Medicine supported this claim that the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases over time despite the individuals being fully vaccinated.

The vaccines effectiveness was shown to decrease over time according to the examined data. The graphs that were in the released documet shows that those who were vaccinated early nearly doubled in hospitalizations. There’s a high number of people hospitalized 5-6 months after the vaccination compared to 3-4 months post-vaccination.

Has Project Salus Data Shown The Government Hiding Death And Injury From Covid Vaccines? 1

It was previously reported in Israel on the rise of Covid cases on fully vaccinated people. According to Dr. Haviv, the vaccinated account for 85-90% of all new hospitalizations and 95% of “severe” cases at the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky this week said the Covid vaccines do not prevent transmission of the China virus.

This newly released data clearly proves that no vaccine is 100% effective.

From the JAIC Project Salus report:

  • Breakthrough infections are rare in this 5.6M cohort of 65 or older fully vaccinated Medicare beneficiaries, being observed in only 2.9% of cases since January 2020
  • Hospitalization rate (21% vs 32%) and death rate (4% vs 12%) of breakthrough infections are lower than rates observed in Covid-19 cases in the pre-vaccination pandemic phase in 2020

Is vaccine effectiveness reduced for the Delta variant?

  • Estimated VE against Delta breakthrough hospitalization (62%) exceeds VE against Delta infection (41%)
  • VE of both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines appears to wane starting 5 months after vaccination

Does the need vary by sub-population?

  • Older age groups (75-84 & 85 and older) have reduced vaccine protection against hospitalization in breakthrough infections
  • Prior COVID-19 infection has a major additional protective effect against hospitalization in breakthrough infections
  • Breakthrough infections occurring 6 months after vaccination have an increased risk of hospitalization (odds ratio = 2.5)

As the Alpha wave of Covid passed and Delta took a stranglehold we saw breakthrough cases happening more and more frequently. In fact, 71% of Covid cases were these breakthrough cases or vaccine failures.

Understand that the authors of this document state that those who are jabbed are not considered “vaccinated” until two weeks after they received the injections, which means that infections, hospitalizations and deaths which occurred from 0 – 14 days are ignored in this data set.

Has Project Salus Data Shown The Government Hiding Death And Injury From Covid Vaccines? 2

While the narrative from leftists, MSM, Fauci, Biden, Walensky is that this has been the pandemic of the unvaccinated, the data seems to show that is not true. At all. The “vaccinations” have not been as effective as they claim. The percentage of fully vaccinated people that are responsible for these breakthrough cases, hospitalizations, and deaths is significantly higher than what we’ve been told.

Even as more and more information is found out about this “vaccine” and the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled against the vaccine mandate companies like Carhartt are still requiring their employees to subject themselves to this testing.

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