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Pennsylvania Court Ruling Pauses Mail-In Voting Due to Being an Unconstitutional Change in the State Without Going Through the Proper Process of Voters Voting on Changes

In 2019, Pennsylvania changed their voting laws Unconstitutionally before the Presidential Election in 2020. The Republicans and Democrats made a deal. Even though the Republicans control both of the State’s chambers, the State’s GOP believed the expansive mail-in voting change would help them as well. This was mostly due to down ballot voting.

Everyone knew this was Unconstitutional. In PA, you need changes to the Constitution and voting laws to be voted on by the people. This means, it needs to be a provision on the ballot and voted on. This would have happened in 2020.

To go further, the State requires the provision to be announced in 3 newspapers in every single county as a way of being sure the provision is made well aware of. The legislation would also have to be passed back-to-back. Meaning across TWO legislative sessions.

Now, the courts have finally admitted that, yes, this expansive, universal mail-in voting Act 77 is Unconstitutional. However, a bigger issue is that this simply placed a stay order on Act 77, and didn’t throw it out.

Why? Why is that? If it goes against the State’s Constitution, throw it the hell out. This isn’t that hard to understand. But no… now the ruling will be allowed to have an appeal. The rules keep getting broken.

Josh Shapiro, the attorney general of Pennsylvania, has been doing what he does best: posting on Facebook every five minutes instead of doing his job.

Pennsylvania Court Ruling Josh Shapiro

It really doesn’t matter who voted on it. It’s Unconstitutional. Stop with the partisan politics already. Also, this isn’t simply about “mail-in” voting. You can always get an absentee ballot, and you know it. You just want the ability to have unsecure, and untracked ballots. Either way. It doesn’t matter. The Act wasn’t passed using the correct process.

The dictator-in-chief, Governor Tom Wolf made an announcement after the ruling. “The Republican-controlled legislature passed Act 77 with strong bipartisan support in 2019 to make voting more safe, secure, and accessible and millions of Pennsylvanians have embraced it. The simple fact is that despite near-unanimous Republican legislative support for this historic update to Pennsylvania election law, they now want to strip away mail-in voting in the service of the ‘big lie’,” he said in a statement.

You can read the complete ruling here.

What do you think about the PA court ruling? Let us know your thoughts below.

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