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Alex Jones of InfoWars has been embattled with the judiciary system for quite some time now in defamation lawsuits regaring Sandy Hook.

Connecticut Judge Barbara Bellis entered a default judgement against Alex Jones on Monday stating that he refused to follow court orders to turn over documents. Because of Jones’ “failure to produce critical material information that the plaintiffs needed to prove their claims,” he was found liable and will be forced to pay a fortune in damages to the parents.

Jones took to Banned.Video to discuss the ruling and as he said, “All of our rights are being sacrificed right now on the alter of political correctness.”

Jones is a freedom-loving patriot who stands up to all of the globalists and elitists calling them out for everything that they are doing to this country.

At this point, should he be considered a conspiracy theorist considering 99% of what he says comes true?

He’s also correct when he says that these elitists and globalists are after our first and second amendment rights. They won’t stop until they can shut us up and disarm us completely.

Jones provided both the Texas and Connecticut courts all of the documents, including banking documents, they required. However, since the documents weren’t in the format the courts prefered they decided that he was not in compliance. He was. He provided them with the documents and they chose not to accept them.

“Their pattern of defying and ignoring court orders to produce responsive information is well established,” lawyers for the families wrote in a court filing in July.

Alex Jones

Monday’s ruling follows three previous rulings in Texas that found Jones liable for damages in defamation cases brought by the families of 10 Sandy Hook shooting victims. In her ruling, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble of Austin called out Jones, Infowars, and other defendants for “flagrant bad faith and callous disregard” for refusing to follow court orders to turn over documents.

Juries in Texas and Connecticut will now decide how much Jones will be forced to pay in damages. Those trials will take place next year.

Here’s Alex’s response video.

It really is a war on the country and Americans. The globalists are trying their hardest to take away our rights and unarm the populace. Why? An unarmed society is an easily controlled society.

Continue to stand strong and say no to the tyrants who attempt to usurp our country.

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