Bryson Gray’s “Thanks, YouTube” Hits #1 On iTunes Rap & Hip Hop Charts

Bryson Gray

Bryson Gray released another stellar hit that has already reached the #1 spot on iTune’s Rap & Hip Hop Charts.

He is constantly having his videos removed and banned from YouTube. Like most of the other artists that we talk about here, he is an independent rapper who is very outspoken about his beliefs and his love for America.

He calls out the installed administration and corrupt corporations, such as YouTube, while speaking the truth through his rhymes.

He is also another independent artist who constantly hits that top spot on the iTunes Charts. Thanks, YouTube is no different.

Bryson Gray

He did dethrone Tom MacDonald’s newest release Balloons. Though they are taking up #1 and #2 respectively.

Not only did he reach #1 on Rap & Hip Hop but Bryson Gray reached #6 on the overall top 100 while Tom MacDonald reached #8.

Bryson Gray's "Thanks, YouTube" Hits #1 On iTunes Rap & Hip Hop Charts 1

He was also one of the first to create a Let’s Go Brandon song.

Let’s Go Brandon was a viral hit that reached #1 on the iTunes Charts quickly.

Bryson Gray's "Thanks, YouTube" Hits #1 On iTunes Rap & Hip Hop Charts 2

Make sure you check out his website and support Bryson Gray.

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