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If you have an Alex Jones was right jar, add another dollar. In 2019, Jones was heavily criticized for talking about the harvesting of baby organs. The Department of Health and Human Services gave at least $2.7 million to University of Pittsburgh for a project that utilized a tissue bank using organs from aborted babies that collected heart, gonads, legs, and brains.

So, a dollar for the Alex Jones was right, again, jar.

The Judicial Watch obtained hundreds of pages of public records requests that detailed the University of Pitt’s interest in harvesting aborted baby organs for a project known as the GenitoUrinary Development Molecular Anatomy Project, or GUDMAP. 

The documents, which were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act, details how the National Institute of Health (NIH) granted the money to Pitt to harvest the organs of unborn babies while their hearts are still beating.

What famous “doctor” is involved with the NIH? Right, Dr. Fauci. Who is also involved with the Wuhan lab and the Covid virus. Interesting how his name keeps popping up on a lot of the extremely evil things happening.

“Furthermore, Pitt also states in the application that its GUDMAP fetal harvesting program will feature “Inclusion (or exclusion) of individuals on the basis of sex/gender, race, and ethnicity” and sets quotas of 50% white patients and aborted fetuses, and 50% minority patients and fetuses, with a full 25% of the fetuses harvested to come from Black women (pgs. 74-76). Allegheny County, the major metropolitan area from which Pitt-based abortion practices draw patients, is 80% white and only 13% Black,” the center stressed.

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A 20-week old baby

Meaning they were targeting black women for their aborted babies’ organs. The program is racist. You can read the documents at Judicial Watch.

So Alex Jones was right. He’s been right on a lot of things.

Republican Senate candidate from PA, Sean Parnell, is calling for a full investigation into the university.

The allegations that these people from Pitt are harvesting organs from the unborn babies while they were still alive is heartbreaking and evil. It’s pure evil. Why is taxpayer money paying for doctors to commit murder for the sake of harvesting organs from unborn children? The children, babies who oftentimes are at viable points in the pregnancy, are being kept alive to have their organs harvested before they’re murdered.

This is bringing in millions of dollars to Pitt and Planned Parenthood.

Taxpayer dollars.

Your money and mine is being used for this evil that is happening.

We’ve watched as reports came out about Bohemian Grove, that Jones talked about years before.

We watched as Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs were released with the names of politicians and Hollywood elite were mentioned going to his island with young children. The leftists in this country aren’t just after our babies’ organs but they’re also after our children. Check out our investigations pieces.

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