Liberals Eating Each Other
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The Incident

Have you seen the confrontational video between Erica Thomas, a Georgia lawmaker, and Cuban Democrat Eric Sparkes?

Why is his race important?

Well, this is why.

Eric Sparkes is a self-described Cuban, Democrat, Never-Trumper. You can see this if you look through his Facebook. Just scrolling through his posts you’ll see the anti-Republican and anti-Trump posts EVERYWHERE.

Why is this important?

The accuser, Erica Thomas, is a Democratic lawmaker.

What happened to make these Democrats tear out one another’s throats and start eating each other?

Uh, groceries in an express lane.

Yes, folks. One Democrat, Eric Sparkes, was pissed that the other Democrat, Erica Thomas, had 15 or 20 items in a 10 item lane. He told her she was, “A lazy, little bitch.”

She claimed he called her a son of a bitch who should go back to where she came from.

Hmmmm… let’s see here. He’s a Democrat. You know, the political party of “peace.” So why would he say such things? He’s Cuban. So again, that makes no sense that he would say such a thing. He’s not white and he’s a Democrat. Both major check boxes, checked.

This “tolerant” leftist, the woman not the man, interrupts a news broadcast to put in her two cents. Of course she keeps pressing him to give his version while never shutting. The. Fuck. Up.

Eating Each Other
Liberals Eating Each Other

This is the problem with the left. They’re to the point where they even hate each other. They always stand up against “intolerance” yet they can’t even tolerate one another. They fight. They yell. They argue. They make assumptions and have the entitled ‘only I matter’ mentality. Erica Thomas mentioned being pregnant multiple times as though that makes it okay to break rules.

Hey, guess what Thomas? You’re not the only pregnant woman in the world. Nobody cares.

Then you have this man with little man syndrome who thinks it’s his sworn duty to berate people about having too many items in the express checkout. Okay Fast Checkout Freddy. Someone had too many items. Did that affect you? Oh, it didn’t? Why? Maybe because there were lanes open with nobody waiting? Okay, so why did your panties get twisted in a bunch?

These two shining examples are part of the reason why the Democratic party is turning into such an utter failure. Good job, asshats.

Yet just one more Democrat hoax and another example of how liberals are eating each other lately.

Let us know below or in the forums just how funny, ironic or sad you think this story is. Practice your first amendment right.

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