Well Wax My Balls And Throw A Kids Party
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Wax My Balls!

Liberal land of Canada is all kinds of wtf. There is a Canadian Trans “woman” (aka…a man playing dress up) trying to get laws changed that will force estheticians to wax his balls. Even if they aren’t properly trained.

Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv is a self-identified transgender woman. At least as far as this week goes. Yaniv has filed 16 different complaints against estheticians in the past year. Yaniv argues that, as a transgender woman, being denied services on account of her gender identity was discriminatory.

Yaniv is a man who still has male genitals but puts on a dress every now and then. You see in past year s/he has presented himself as a male on quite a few social media sites including Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. To make things even better, he’s attracted to women.

So is this a case of a homophobic, trans-phobic person denying service because… lady balls? Or is it a woman not comfortable waxing a man’s testicles, because… man balls?

I’m going to have to go with a woman doesn’t want to wax a weirdo’s ballsack. They don’t want to heard “wax my balls” from some dude in a dress. That’s not what they are there for.

To top it off, today Yaniv has tweeted about how he has forced an esthetician to close. Thus causing the loss of income for families.


Yeah… you’re a real hero. All this just so you can force people to “wax my balls.”

The Pedo-Party
Well Wax My Balls And Throw A Kids Party

Don’t stop reading yet! This is not the only headline this man has appeared in this year. Last month he petitioned the Township of Langley city council for permission to host a TOPLESS LGBT swim party for “People” (children) 12+ years old that would PROHIBIT said children’s parents from attending.

What am I seeing here? A sexual predator is trying to force women to wax his balls and wants to throw fucking topless swim parties with children while forbidding their parents from being there.

There’s nothing wrong with that, Heather. You’re just trans-phobic.

Oh, you crazy folks who support this shit. Look at it from a sane person’s point of view. A grown man who continuously tries to force women to wax his balls is suing these people and destroying their businesses and wants to host naked swim parties for kids.

If it were a bunch of consenting adults at a private residence, go for it. Get your freak on. This is not consenting adults. He wants young children to run around topless. He wants to force intimate touching on women so he can get his balls waxed. (Why doesn’t he simply look for an esthetician who does wax balls?)

As a woman and a mother I can tell you what I would do in both cases here. Fuck you, I’m not waxing your balls and fuck you my kids aren’t going to your pedo-party. Sick freak.

Canada, yeah. Liberal nightmare land. Don’t worry though, these people don’t have mental disorders…

As always, let us know in the comments or forums how you feel about this. Let your voice be heard.

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