• Liberals Are Eating Each Other

    Liberals Are Eating Each Other

    The Incident Have you seen the confrontational video between Erica Thomas, a Georgia lawmaker, and Cuban Democrat Eric Sparkes? Why is his race important? Well, this is why. Eric Sparkes is a self-described Cuban, Democrat, Never-Trumper. You can see this if you look through his Facebook. Just scrolling through his posts you’ll see the anti-Republican

  • The 2-Faced Starbucks Company

    The 2-Faced Starbucks Company

    Eek! Safe Space From Police Everyone remembers Starbucks shutting down for a few days last year for sensitivity training because a few employees kicked a couple of black guys out when they didn’t order at the store? Well, they recently kicked out a few cops who did purchase some of their product and there is

  • POW Flag Replaced with Gay Pride Flag

    POW Flag Replaced with Gay Pride Flag

    Officials Replace the POW Flag Now, before we get too into this story, just know that the Montgomery County of Maryland officials HAVE backtracked. The POW flag has been replaced onto the pole. However, stay with me through this to see their excuses. Gay Pride flag More Important? The officials first decide to replace the


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