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Press Release From National University Spills Details on a $102 Million Nationwide Initiative for a ‘Pipeline of Equity-Focused K-12 School Principals’

As part of an $8.2 million grant, Fresno Unified School District in California and National University‘s Sanford College of Education are joining an effort to develop “equity-driven school leaders.” This effort, apparently now nationwide, is to further an agenda of “equity” and CRT-based teachings and applications as the release details. One look at the Fresno Unified School District’s Twitter account, will show this isn’t an accident.

I think many were aware that some kind of nationwide agenda existed after seeing many school districts around the nation following the same tune. However, to see the admittance to it and just how much money is flowing to this agenda is eye-opening.

You can see just how much “equity” and “social justice” are ideas to aspire to by what the Associate Dean and Dean themselves. This isn’t a movement coming from the bottom up. It starts at the top.

“At a time when our nation is grappling with profound questions of social injustice, weaving the principles of equity into school leadership is one of the most powerful levers we have to address issues of educational access and outcomes. This work is about helping aspiring school leaders build the equity mindset to understand systemic barriers facing students and communities — and design the teams and supports needed to ensure every learner’s needs are met.”

Dr. Donna Elder, Associate Dean of National University’s Sanford College of Education (press release)

“Preparing school leaders to engage with and understand the unique history, demographics and aspirations of the people and communities they serve is essential for meeting the needs of the whole student. This is about building a community of practice of current and aspiring school leaders committed to integrating the principles of equity into the day-to-day work of leading a school.”

– Dr. Robert Lee, Dean of National University’s Sanford College of Education (press release)

You can read through the press release below as well as download it. We have the document saved in the case they decide to remove it from prnewswire.com, but you can see the original there if you need to validate it.

The Wallace Foundation is leading the overall $102 million nationwide initiative and say they have partnership teams in 8 school districts around the country.

From their own website, the eight participating district partnership teams include:

  • Baltimore City Public Schools, Maryland
    • With local groups, Morgan State University, Towson University, and the Maryland State Department of Education.
  • Columbus City, Ohio
    • With local groups, Ashland University, Ohio State University, and the Ohio Department of Education.
  • District of Columbia Public Schools, District of Columbia
    • With ?local groups, Howard University, George Washington University.
  • Fresno Unified School District, California
    • With local groups, San Diego State University, National University, and the California Department of Education.
  • Jefferson County School District, Kentucky
    • With local groups, Spalding University, University of Louisville, and the Kentucky Department of Education.
  • Portland Public Schools, Oregon
    • With local groups, Portland State University, Lewis and Clark College, the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, and the Oregon Department of Education.
  • San Antonio Independent School District, Texas
    • With local groups, University of Texas at Austin, University of Texas at San Antonio, and the Texas Education Agency.
  • Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, North Carolina
    • With local groups, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Appalachian State University, and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Other states are being looked at right now, but some state-based teacher’s unions have bowed out of aligning with the national teacher’s union. This should slow down the initiative, but don’t get too relaxed.

Pipeline Of Equity-Focused K-12 School Principals

The Marxist CRT ideology, and really Critical Theory in general (including gender), is spreading and being pushed into school districts because, well, money talks. This isn’t a grassroots movement even if groups like BLM want you to believe so. After all, BLM is itself, now a movement paid for and bought by the leftists in our government. We must, as freedom-loving Americans, fight this.

Thoughts? Let us know below or in the community forums and thanks for reading. Please make sure to pass this information onto any parents out there with kids in school. They’ll need it.

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