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Video Surfaces That Shows HHS, Fauci and Media in a Health Summit Discussing How They Need a Way to “Blow Up or “Disrupt” the Process in Order to Get Away From the Old Vaccines and Enforce mRNA Vaccines

In 2019 the HHS and NIAID, including Fauci, held a health summit with the New Yorker where they explained their need to “blow up” or “disrupt” the current process of authorizing vaccines. Fauci specifically says that even though the current way of using egg-based vaccines works very well, he REALLY wants his new mRNA vaccines to be THE way. The ONLY way.

As he goes on, however, he expresses concern over just how long the process takes and it would just take too long to get mRNA vaccines authorized. You see, they needed and event. They needed a world-changing incident to make this change.

As you can tell, COVID-19 is that circumstance they needed. Or maybe it was released on purpose for this reason? Maybe one day, we’ll find out.

For now, watch this clip and see the admittance in all its glory.

As if you needed more proof that they are using COVID for their agenda. Maybe it’s a real virus, but it’s obvious they are over exaggerating it to further their plans. Summed up? “Screw the process. Let’s just jam this thing into your arm!”

Makes sense why they redefined what a vaccine is, or why they changed HIPPA and OSHA rules. Don’t forget, nobody can be held liable for any side effects or death from the jab, either. Just take the damn death shot.

It’s also very odd hearing people cry about the “bureaucracy” of a process when it deals with getting something forced into your body, but not about the regulations on small businesses or something that actually hurts freedom of choice.

Let us know your thoughts below and make sure to share this video with those still asleep at the wheel.

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