Pow Flag Replaced By Gay Flag
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Officials Replace the POW Flag

Now, before we get too into this story, just know that the Montgomery County of Maryland officials HAVE backtracked. The POW flag has been replaced onto the pole. However, stay with me through this to see their excuses.

Gay Pride flag More Important?

The officials first decide to replace the POW flag with a Gay Pride flag. Their backtracking excuse is that “they didn’t realize” there was only space for one flag on each pole. Okay…. but why did you continue with taking the POW flag down when you saw this at the time?

Pow Flag Replaced By Gay Flag

Answer? You didn’t care. You wanted the Gay Pride flag up no matter what. So, your quick fix of saying you’re going to make sure the extra ringlets are added to the flag pole doesn’t really matter. The fact that you decided to treat the Gay Pride flag with higher authority and importance is the issue here.

I mean, you do realize it is possible that some POWs have been gay, right?

We’re all Americans (unless you’re illegal). I don’t understand why no one is speaking out against this identitarian shit more than I’m seeing. I know. I know. I’ve asked this question a lot lately. But, can you blame me?

Please share this story with others so we can put an end to this un-American act and others like it.

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