Denver Council Member Wants Communism
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Push For Communism

I don’t know why there has been such an open push for Socialism and Communism in this country as-of-late. It’s quite fascinating that the people who predicted how and why Capitalism would fail, were pretty spot on.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto and everyone, including myself, have shared warnings about how the current system would be brought down by ways of this manifesto. Are we there already?

Denver Council Member Wants Communism

People would say all the time that communists weren’t real. Take off your tinfoil hat. They aren’t in our government. Well, they are. They are openly running (and WINNING) in government campaigns.

Candi Lee CdeBaca

Check out Candi Lee CdeBaca, for example. She isn’t just a “Democratic Socialist” (which is no different than a Socialist). She’s a full on Communist. Even stating she will usher in Communism “by any means necessary.”

Okay, Mrs. Marx. Calm down, Chavez the Second. You know, Cuba isn’t far. You could just go there if you want this type of economic system.

Folks… this is no longer a joke or a conspiracy theory or any other label you want to give it in order to make yourself feel like it isn’t real. This is VERY real. It’s time to support your favorite Capitalists, websites speaking out against this or even start speaking out against it yourself.

Ironically, people still believe we can just throw our firearms away because this country will NEVER have a tyrannical government…

This is the best example of why this website and company was founded.

WAKE. UP. Once you do. Leave your wake up call in the comments below.

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4 years ago

The fact that people are okay with this and that these politicians are openly saying these things…what’s happening to this country? Why are all these kids wanting to turn to socialism and communism? They’re not paying attention to history and looking through their rose tinted glasses. 

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