Give Me A Raise, Now!
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“There is no distinctly American criminal class. Except Congress.”

— Mark Twain
$174k Isn’t Enough?

I’ve found myself wondering where things went wrong. When our country was founded it was to escape persecution and well, King George. As we’ve developed over the years our government has evolved into a near tyrannical, fingers in every aspect of our lives, pain in the ass.

For the purpose of this article we’re going to look at Congress because, well they’ve been flapping their idiotic gums more than the others at this point.

Give Me A Raise, Now!

We know over the past few years there has been the “fight for $15.” What is that? Unskilled workers fighting to get paid as much as skilled workers. I don’t care what you think, McDonald’s was not meant to support a family of 6. It’s a job for kids. Want more? Work harder and better yourself.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been at it again. This time she’s equating the unfairness of not everyone getting a living wage with congress’s living expenses.

That’s right, she’s complaining about her $174,000 salary. That’s one hundred and seventy four THOUSAND dollars per year. It’s not enough for her.

Raise! Give Me!!

Video has recently surfaced of AOC “explaining” that she needs that raise and, more or less, threatening to use lobbyist, and already illegal, means to get more money.

I don’t know about you, but $174k could go a long way for my family. Why exactly does she feel that she ALREADY needs a raise?

Oh, so if you’re not granted even more tax payer money then you’re going to participate in illegal activities? Is that what you’re saying?

So hiring your boyfriend and funneling money here and there wasn’t enough? Using your campaign funds for non campaign things wasn’t enough? No, now you’re going to exploit the loopholes to satisfy your greediness.

Why Do We Keep Punishing Ourselves?

Do you know who’s to blame for all of this? Yeah, the voters. Us. We are. How is it our fault? We let this twit into Congress. Well, not all of us. The people who voted for her in her district. Yes, we could easily stop this sort of thing if we would simply look into our politicians’ policies before going to the polls.

I know we want women and “POC” in government. You want things fair!

Well guess what? That’s why we’re turning into such a divisive shit hole. Because people keep voting with their feelings rather than with their brains. Look beyond skin color and gender. I know this is what so many people are screaming and foaming at the mouth about, but look what happens when you hire a bartender to run your city. She drives away 30,000 high-paying jobs and then demands you give her a raise.

You end up with jihadist sympathizers who downplay the worst attack on American soil. You end up with a raving lunatic who can’t even keep her own district from looking like a third world country but demands the president be impeached for….saying mean things?

We, the people, who are in charge of who is responsible for our country keep voting in these idiots who can’t seem to grasp any economic commonsense.

If we want change, there’s one way that we can.

At the voting booths. So, if you want to stop corrupt bartenders and Islamic extremists from becoming members of our government, STOP VOTING FOR THEM! Stop punishing ourselves.

I don’t know about you, but AOC and congress do NOT deserve a raise. They have done nothing but divide the country, spew hatred and rant idiocy since they were voted in. This is, by far, the worst I’ve seen the government in my years on this planet.

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