Tom Homan Vs Congress Democrats
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Tom Homan

Tom Homan is the retired ICE director who was called in front of Congress about the illegal alien problem we have in the country.

AOC attempted to school him on ONE memo that was written, but not by him, on how he advised the handling of the illegal aliens, including separation of family units. That backfired for her. An important part of being in Congress is actually knowing the laws that are in place. Something that Tom Homan is well aware of.

While AOC tried to speak down to him as if he were the idiot and not her, what she failed to realize is that you cannot cross into the country illegally and just declare asylum. As Homan pointed out, there are specific ways and entry points that are used for asylum seekers.

That wasn’t the end of things. Rather than act cordial and like members of Congress, they attack Homan a bit more. Implying he’s a racist and doesn’t care about people or children that “don’t look like him.”

Tom Homan Vs Congress Democrats

Rep. Garcia even asked how HE could fix the problem.

Uh, that’s not how that works. Want to know who writes and creates laws? Congress. It’s your job to fix the problem. Not the ex-Ice director.

Congress Democrats Imploding

I saw in a video that a Democrat said their party simply wants to bring people together while Republicans are out to destroy America. I wish I could remember who said it, but I can’t.

My brain kind of exploded and my eyeball twitched when I heard that. The party of hatred and division is claiming to want to simply have peace. No, that’s not what they want at all.

If you pay attention to everything happening within the Democratic party, they can’t even keep the peace among themselves. They’re imploding and trying to pass blame off to everyone else. It’s kind of fun to watch.

Let us know below or in the forums what your favorite part of the Tom Homan vs. Congress Democrats adventure was.

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