The Social Media Summit
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The Social Media Summit

President Donald J. Trump hosted a social media summit at the White House on July 11th where he invited a lot of what the main stream media are declaring “right-wing extremists”.

The Social Media Summit

The problem is that liberal media is upset that Trump is giving the YouTubers who aren’t paid by big corporations a chance to voice their concerns about censorship on the internet.

And why shouldn’t they? Many have lost their income. Many have been removed from even speaking their minds on these platforms. Some even made to look like Nazis, racists or worse.

The meeting included the likes of James O’Keefe, Mark Dice, Fleccas, Tim Poole and Bill Mitchell. More like Carpe Donktum, Charlie Kirk, Will Chamberlain, Ali Akbar, Joy Villa, and Diamond and Silk were also there. Trust me there were many, many more. And take a look at some of those names. They all aren’t just those who sit on the right side either.

Old Media vs. New Media

After the meeting in the White House, President Trump held a press conference in the Rose Garden. Much to the dismay of the liberal media he kicked them out of their coveted front row seats and gave them to the social media attendees.

Of course, the liberal media would have you believe that the attendees nearly brought the Social Media Summit to a brawl. What happened was Sebastian Gorka told Playboy correspondent Brian Karem, “don’t be sad” when he was pouting about losing his seat. Karem yelled across the Rose Garden, telling the attendees of the Social Media Summit that they are “eager for demonic possession.”

Uh, what?! Where did that come from? What does that even mean??

Karem didn’t stop there and neither did Gorka. Gorka confronted him and Karem threatened him with violence, “Come on over here and talk to me, brother. Or we can go outside and have a long conversation.”

But it’s those “extremist, right-wing” alternative news folks who are terrible. Right? Doesn’t seem like it to me.

Of course, Jim Acosta was there as well. Why wouldn’t he be?

Mark Dice recorded his interactions with the supposed CNN journalist.

So who was the embarrassment of the day?

I’m going have to say you were, liberal media. You can tell the mainstream media is on its last legs. They seem so anxious and aggressive. Just simply annoyed that they don’t get their typical ways.

Social Media Influencers

During the summit, President Trump told the social media influencers he invited something special.

“So this is a historic day. Never before have so many online journalists and influencers — and that’s exactly what you are; you’re journalists and you’re influencers — come together in this building to discuss the future of social media.

Each of you is fulfilling a vital role in our nation. You’re challenging the media gatekeepers and the corporate censors to bring the facts straight to the American people. And that’s what you’re doing — you’re going right to the people.”

— President Donald J. Trump

You can read the full transcript from the Whitehouse.

President Trump isn’t just speaking to blow smoke up everyone’s butts either. We know he truly believes what he said because he, himself, uses social media to go directly to the American people. No matter how you feel about what Trump tweets, you can’t deny the fact that it is nice to not have a filter. You know exactly what he thinks. He says a lot of what regular people think and feel. That’s refreshing.

Thank You

While we here at Offensively Patriotic are not nearly as big as those who were invited by Trump, it’s amazing to hear the President say this. There are so many who disregard those of us who don’t work for the big media companies or have the “wrong” opinion as being racist, bigots, xenophobes, or whatever derogatory name they can think of simply because we don’t abide by what the left says we should.

The Social Media Summit is just the beginning. It’s the start of something amazing that proves we will not be silenced. We matter.

Thank you, Mr. President for your continued support in all we do. You are the people’s president.

And thank YOU, the reader, for supporting us. Let us know what’s on your mind in the comments below, in the forums or start a group. We look forward to seeing you around the website.

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