Lauren Boebert Introduces Biden's Third Articles Of Impeachment 1
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Lauren Boebert is the third member of congress to introduce Articles of Impeachment against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert’s recent introduction of articles of impeachment against former Vice President Joe Biden has further exacerbated the already contentious political climate in Washington. Boebert’s decision, following in the footsteps of fellow GOP Representative Andy Ogles, highlights a growing rift within the Republican Party regarding the Biden administration’s immigration policies. As the nation grapples with the ongoing border security crisis, Boebert’s move has ignited a fierce debate over the president’s ability to uphold his constitutional duties.

Lauren Boebert

“Joe Biden hasn’t just failed the American people with his abysmal excuse for ‘leadership’ — he’s violated his sworn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Ogles told Fox News Digital.

“Joe Biden has repeatedly abused his position of power, both as vice president and president, to cover up his illicit family business dealings and exploitation of taxpayer resources,” the Tennessee Republican continued.

“The American people know they can’t depend on the so-called ‘Department of Justice’ to investigate the Biden family’s corruption, and so it’s up to the U.S. Congress to hold him accountable once and for all,” Ogles added.

Boebert, a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s handling of immigration, has made her stance clear. In an interview with Fox News, she emphasized that her articles of impeachment are a response to Biden’s failure to secure the southern border. Citing his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of the president and uphold the Constitution, Boebert argued that the president’s negligence and abandonment of his duties necessitated immediate action.

“I support any article of impeachment that is filed that qualifies Joe Biden for impeachment under our Constitution,” Boebert stated. “So I’m happy to be a co-sponsor of Andy Ogles’ articles of impeachment.”

The congresswoman, who had previously introduced similar articles of impeachment in the last Congress, had hoped that other committees and House leadership would take the lead on addressing the issue. However, with little progress made, Boebert asserted that she would take matters into her own hands. If the House leadership fails to act, she intends to consider her articles of impeachment as a privileged motion, presenting them on the House floor for further consideration.

“It’s about Joe Biden’s failure to secure the southern border,” the congresswoman told Fox News.

“Given the severity of the violation of Joe Biden’s constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of the president, United States to the best of his ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, this is something that we must do with our majorities in the House of Representatives,” she said. “This is our duty because Joe Biden has neglected the constitutional duty of the office of president of the United States.”

Boebert said she wanted to see action on impeachment in the GOP-majority House.

“I introduced the articles of impeachment in the last Congress and had fully intended to introduce them this Congress, but I was also giving some other committees and leadership the opportunity to lead on this,” she said, adding that if the House leadership does not act, she will.

Under House rules, Boebert has the authority to read her articles of impeachment in their entirety, providing House leadership with a maximum of two days to respond. This timeframe allows for a decision on whether the articles should be sent to committee or brought to a vote. By invoking this process, Boebert aims to put pressure on House leadership to address what she perceives as a significant failure on Biden’s part to secure the border and protect the American people.

In a news release posted on her official website, Boebert presented alarming statistics to support her argument. The release stated that, during Biden’s tenure, the Border Patrol had encountered over 5.3 million illegal immigrants, with an estimated 1.5 million successfully eluding apprehension. It further alleged that more than 2 million illegal aliens had been released into the interior of the United States without proper enforcement mechanisms to ensure their appearance in immigration court for asylum or deportation proceedings.

Additionally, the release highlighted the alarming amount of fentanyl seized at the southern border. It claimed that over 39,900 pounds of the deadly drug had been encountered, enough to kill every American 27 times over. These figures, according to Boebert, exemplify the consequences of Biden’s alleged negligence and his administration’s failure to address the border crisis effectively.

The text of Boebert’s impeachment resolution squarely places blame on former Vice President Biden for knowingly and consistently violating federal immigration laws. It accuses him of actively pursuing an aggressive, open-borders agenda and deliberately releasing millions of illegal immigrants into the United States without proper oversight or mechanisms for their legal processing. The resolution further contends that Biden has abandoned his duty to ensure the faithful execution of laws and asserts that he has abused the powers of the presidency.

In particular, Boebert’s resolution highlights Biden’s purported facilitation of a “complete and total invasion” at the southern border. By surrendering operational control to foreign criminal cartels, Boebert argues that the former Vice President has jeopardized the lives of American citizens. The resolution further argues that Biden’s alleged negligence has resulted in an unprecedented threat to national security and has created an air of lawlessness along the border, which must be addressed through impeachment.

Boebert’s bold move has sparked a heated debate among lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. While some Republicans rally behind her, echoing concerns over border security and the enforcement of immigration laws, Democrats dismiss the articles of impeachment as partisan political theater.

Opponents of the impeachment effort argue that it is a futile exercise and a waste of legislative time and resources. They contend that the Biden administration inherited a deeply flawed immigration system and has been working diligently to address the issue. They point to the challenges posed by the surge of migrants and emphasize the need for comprehensive immigration reform rather than divisive impeachment proceedings.

Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York tweeted her opposition to the articles of impeachment, calling them “ridiculous” and accusing Boebert of using them as a distraction from pressing issues such as infrastructure and climate change. Ocasio-Cortez’s sentiment reflects the broader Democratic view that impeachment should be reserved for cases of clear constitutional violations or criminal acts.

The impeachment of a president is a weighty and consequential process, and the likelihood of success for Boebert’s resolution remains uncertain. Democrats hold a slim majority in the House of Representatives, making it unlikely that the articles of impeachment will advance beyond the initial stages. Furthermore, even if the articles were to pass in the House, a two-thirds majority in the Senate would be required for conviction, which appears unlikely given the current political landscape.

Nevertheless, Boebert’s move highlights the deep divisions within Congress on issues of immigration and border security. It also underscores the growing influence of vocal conservative members within the Republican Party, who are eager to challenge the Biden administration’s policies.

The introduction of these articles of impeachment serves as a reminder that the border crisis remains a contentious issue, with no easy solutions in sight. As the nation grapples with the influx of migrants and the complexities of immigration policy, the political theater surrounding the impeachment efforts further underscores the need for meaningful bipartisan dialogue and action to address the underlying problems.

While Boebert’s impeachment resolution may not lead to the removal of former Vice President Biden from office, it signals a broader frustration among conservatives and highlights the ongoing struggle to find common ground on one of the nation’s most pressing challenges. As the debate rages on, the American people continue to witness the consequences of a broken immigration system, awaiting comprehensive solutions that prioritize both security and humanity.

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