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Concerns Raised Over Fox News Progressive Agenda With Explicit Content, Transgender Activism, Woke Social Scores, and Institutional Influence at Fox News

In a shocking revelation, internal documents obtained from Fox News employees indicate a concerning agenda that promotes explicit content, transgender activism, and the monitoring of employees’ adherence to woke ideology. These documents, presented on the employee portal, shed light on Fox Corp’s questionable support for LGBTQ+ organizations, its endorsement of controversial books, and the influence of institutional shareholders such as BlackRock and Vanguard Group. You know… the same companies who seem to own everything.

Under the heading “Support One Another,” Fox News encourages its employees to donate to organizations like The Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. However, a closer look at these organizations raises serious concerns. The Trevor Project, supposedly dedicated to helping LGBTQ+ young people, has been found to host sexually explicit chat rooms connecting underage individuals with adults, as exposed by an undercover investigation. This revelation raises alarms about the safety and well-being of vulnerable youth involved in these platforms.

Similarly, the Ali Forney Center, praised by Fox, appears to admit on Twitter and its website that it administers cross-sex hormones to homeless young people, potentially leading to sterilization. Such practices without proper consent or consideration of long-term consequences are deeply troubling.

Fox News Progressive Agenda

Moreover, Fox’s celebration of the Los Angeles LGBT Center as “unstoppable” is disconcerting, especially considering the posted video of a mother administering hormone treatment to her young child, which violated YouTube’s terms of service. This highlights a questionable approach to promoting potentially irreversible medical interventions and the exposure of minors to such content.

Fox News Progressive Agenda

Further examination of the Fox employee portal reveals the promotion of books with explicit content and questionable themes. For example, the book “Fairest” contains graphic descriptions, including explaining the concept of a “glory hole.” Another book, “Red White and Royal Blue,” depicts a fictional gay relationship while derogatorily labeling America a “genocidal empire.” Such material raises concerns about the appropriateness of content endorsed by Fox News.

In addition to promoting controversial literature, Fox leadership encourages employees to engage with podcasts and TED Talks that explore LGBT life and viewpoints. One TED Talk speaker goes as far as asserting that undergoing a medically unnecessary double mastectomy is a sign of strength. These recommendations reflect an ideological bias that may not align with the values and beliefs of a significant portion of Fox News viewers.

Moreover, reports indicate that Fox experimented with an AI platform called Eskalera to monitor employees’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This raises questions about the potential infringement on employees’ privacy and the level of influence exerted by the company to enforce a particular ideological perspective.

Ai Monitoring

While the network claims to represent conservative values, its employee base and shareholder influence appear to promote a more progressive agenda. Shareholders like BlackRock and Vanguard Group, among others, reportedly hold significant sway over Fox News, potentially impacting its content and editorial decisions.

Fox News viewers, many of whom hold conservative beliefs, deserve transparency and an explanation from the network’s executives and owners. These revelations raise questions about whether Fox Corp is complying with New York State laws, genuinely caring about its audience, or actively supporting an ideological agenda that contradicts its purported conservative values.

As the story continues to unfold, it remains crucial to closely monitor the actions and responses of Fox News leadership to understand their intentions and the extent to which they address the concerns of their audience.

However, let’s be honest in saying this likely won’t change unless those who continue to invest blindly in their retirement plans start caring about where their money is being invested. That investment money is being pooled and used against you.

But what are your thoughts? Let us know below.

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