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Grassroots Gun Owners Urged to Defend Constitutional Liberties and Demand Rejection of Unconstitutional Pennsylvania Anti-Gun Bills

In a concerning development for law-abiding gun owners, anti-gun legislation has successfully advanced from the Pennsylvania House to the Senate, presenting a direct assault on constitutional rights. It is a critical moment to prevent any further erosion of our God-given Second Amendment rights, which safeguard our freedom and security.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, currently under Republican control, is now tasked with reviewing two pivotal Pennsylvania anti-gun bills that have transitioned from the PA House:

  1. HB 714 (Warren) – The Universal Background Checks bill, having garnered approval in the PA House, now awaits evaluation in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This proposed legislation seeks to impose broader background check requirements. For comprehensive insights, refer to the official bill information: [Link to HB 714 Bill Information]
  2. HB 1018 (O’Mara) – The Extreme Risk Protection Order, commonly known as “Red Flag Laws,” has also successfully passed the PA House and currently awaits deliberation in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This bill aims to grant authorities the power to temporarily confiscate firearms from individuals deemed a risk. Explore the intricate details of this bill through the following link: [Link to HB 1018 Bill Information]

However, it is crucial to highlight that these proposed bills, despite their intentions, will have minimal impact on deterring violent criminals. Instead, they pose a grave threat to law-abiding citizens, infringing upon their rightful ability to possess firearms and significantly undermining their due process rights.

In response to these concerning developments, grassroots gun owners across Pennsylvania must mobilize, applying political pressure, and voicing their resolute opposition to these unconstitutional measures within the Senate. It is imperative to politely demand the immediate rejection of these bills, safeguarding the sacred principles enshrined in our Constitution.

Pennsylvania Anti-Gun Bills

To influence the decision-making process, concerned citizens are encouraged to contact the Senate Judiciary Chair, Senator Lisa Baker. Let her know that the erosion of our Second Amendment rights is unacceptable and urge her to halt the advancement of these unconstitutional proposals in committee.

Contact details for Senator Lisa Baker are as follows:

Senator Lisa Baker Phone: (717) 787-7428 Email:

Additionally, it is essential to remain informed about the status of other Pennsylvania anti-gun bills and gun control legislation within the PA House:

  1. HB 338 (Sanchez) – The Reporting Lost and Stolen Firearms bill, sponsored by Representative Sanchez, faced defeat in the House. For a comprehensive overview of this bill’s history, please visit: [Link to HB 338 Bill Information]
  2. HB 731 (Parker) – The Safe Storage bill, presented by Representative Parker, has been re-committed for further review. Stay updated on the progression of this bill by referring to: [Link to HB 731 Bill Information]

Preserving our cherished liberties and defending the Second Amendment is a shared responsibility. Let us stand united against any encroachments on our rights and work diligently to protect the principles that have safeguarded our freedom for generations.

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