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Although the Marine Corps Hasn’t Gone as Woke as Other Branches Have in Their Promotional Videos, This “430 Days” Video Shows How Feeling-Based they Have Become

Buckle up for this one folks. Make sure you’re prepared for what we’re going to talk about in this article, especially if you’re a Marine Corps veteran. You will see red.

This latest video out of Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C. is called “430 Days” and goes through the story of Lance Corporal Chase Nicholes and his struggle to get through USMC bootcamp due to a medical issue dealing with a broken shoulder. That seems fine on the surface until you realize that this means they allowed him to recover while still at Parris Island and without being discharged… for 430 days. That’s 15 months.

15 months… I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.

The video plays some really sad, emotional music the entire time as if we’re supposed to feel bad. They even show the poor devil pup crying and all emotional. This isn’t exactly a good thing to show our enemies, you know? I mean, what the hell are you guys thinking?

Watch the sad state of our Marine Corps in the video, “430 Days.”

marine corps 430 days

Hey, great on you for not giving up, but I have a major issue with how they allowed you to stay in boot camp, light duty even, for 15 months. I never once saw this amount of time allowed for a recruit to stay on light duty in boot camp. Don’t they have medical discharges any longer, or did they got one over on this recruit and make it so they wouldn’t have to pay him disability?

Once again, my biggest gripe is with the “fee fees” and emotional bullsh*t thrown into the mix. This would NOT make me want to join today. What happened to all the badassery? Sure, there are other videos released that show some of the more aggressive tone, but this video can still be seen by our enemies.

Maybe this video was released for psychological warfare reasons… but I doubt it. We know General Milley is absolutely high on woke culture, so the USMC (and military as a whole) is infested with a cancer.

What the hell is going on in the USMC? Don’t forget that they also hired a diversity, equity and inclusion advisor and are even looking to completely weaken to a barely-even-there force with the Force Design 2030 policy.

This just adds to the many woke videos released by branches such as the US Army. Remember the video, “Emma?” If not, here’s the video as a refresher.

Yep… woke as a joke. China HAD to have noticed all of this by now. Of course, that’s if they aren’t the ones helping to push all of this culture-changing propaganda to begin with.

These are tough times, so make sure you are even more prepared than ever because when SHTF, there won’t be a strong military there to rely on what-so-ever.

Anyhow, thank you for reading and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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Rebecca Croft
Rebecca Croft
1 year ago

My nephew enlisted in air force in 2019-20 and was discharged on medical for hip issues. He could not do basic training, why…he was a teenager who sat around playing video games for 5+ years and not enough strength to do PT. I am utterly disappointed in our future.

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