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The U.S. Marine Corps is Being Reorganized Under the “Force Design 2030” Policy (Funny They Chose THAT Year…)

If you didn’t already know, there have been several attempts and much talk over the years of trying to completely get rid of the United States Marine Corps. It seems that “Force Design 2030” is basically accomplishing this idea of ridding the world of the Corps. The new policy may not be technically killing off the Marine Corps, but it might as well be.

The new reorganization will neuter the men’s Department of the Navy (couldn’t help myself) and turn the branch into a defensive one that seems to mostly be used for missile systems, technologies and the like. Here are some noted changes found in the reorganization policy.

  • Maneuver warfare will not longer take precedence.
  • Defense will be favored over offense.  
  • Marines will not possess the type of units and equipment needed to “close-on and destroy” an enemy.
  • Infantry will no longer be the mainstay of the Corps; missiles and technologies are to be its strength.
  • No tanks or canon artillery, and without them there will be no basis for combined arms.
  • Marines will not have a mobile, protected, direct-fire weapons system for the first time since 1923.
  • The conviction that every tactical unit must have an integral direct and an indirect fires capability will no longer exist.
  • Smaller rifle companies and infantry battalions will be preferenced over large units that can cover more ground and absorb significant casualties and continue to fight. In short, these battalions will be less resilient and less capable.
  • III MEF (Marine Expeditionary Force) will no longer be a repository of capabilities used to form task-organized units for missions across the spectrum of conflict. The capabilities of I MEF and II MEF to do the same will be reduced greatly.

You can find all of these points and more within the following document.

It’s funny that this is reorganization is being accomplished for the year 2030. The Great Reset is based around this year and the Climate change narrative is based around 2030, too. Is this “Force Design 2030” policy all part of making the U.S. weaker? In the details of the reorganization, they seem to think that the current way of doing things around the World will continue. That the Petrodollar will continue to control the world into doing our bidding and we won’t need to worry about needing the Marine Corps, but as we see with Russia and Ukraine, land wars still exist.

U.s. Marine Corps

Some may say, good riddance. They may say that we don’t need to stick our noses into World issues anymore, so shrinking the Marine Corps isn’t a bad thing. And maybe that isn’t a bad take. I definitely agree with the fact that we need to be more self-sufficient and stop being world police, but I’m not so sure shrinking the Marine Corps into a shell of its current self is a smart idea. A strong military can be a warning to others. It can demand respect from those willing to try a move against our soil.

What are your thoughts? Am I just biased due to being a former Marine? Do we need the Corps? Should the Corps focus less on land war and worry more about missile systems? Let us know in the comments below.

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I hope that the reorg stresses Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.

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