Russian Rubles
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All Part of the Forced Collapse of America and the New World (Chinese) Order

The Sanctions on Russia were Part of the Plan to Collapse America as the Russian Ruble Grows in Value against the American Dollar

This is all part of the forced collapse of America. Most of you probably already felt that way, but now it’s obvious just by looking at the latest economic data. Both the Russian Ruble has grown in value and the U.S. Dollar has fallen in value. This will all likely lead to a digital dollar where the elites will control how much you can spend and where you can spend it, but more on that later.

First, let’s look at the data on the Ruble’s value. In the following image, you’ll see the value has increased to it’s highest point since the start of the Ukraine conflict. The sanctions are not doing what those like Biden say they would, but are doing what certain global elites really wanted in the end – a weaker America.

Russian Ruble and US Dollar

At this rate, the Ruble will surpass .012 U.S. Dollars tomorrow. Doesn’t sound like much, but when you notice the U.S. Dollar has also dropped 10% in value against the Ruble simply after the latest rounds of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia, everything starts to become so much worse than it seems. The dollar was able to buy you about 95 Rubles before the peace talks, and sharply after the talks ended, you could only get about 85 Rubles per Dollar.

Add to this the fact that China and India are now both buying Russian oil in Rubles and Saudi Arabia is warming up to selling oil in other currencies other than the PetroDollar, and you can see where the world is heading.

As previously mentioned, elite companies like Black Rock and the governments of the world will soon deploy a digital world currency to “help” in the dire times soon to come. This will be the control system used against you. China will continue to do its own control system, in effect, stabbing those in the back who thought China would join in with their system. China and Russia see their own World Order as the future and it doesn’t match with what the global elites want. We’ll have different forms of autocracy World Orders to fight against.

While this all occurs, China is still becoming the dominant superpower. This has been a well-known issue since at least the 2010s. This may be the one thing Biden hasn’t lied about when he said that a New World Order is coming.


Unfortunately, there may not be much we can do to stop this situation. All we can do is try and lessen the impact because your leaders have and continue to lie to you. Every little thing they say is a lie. Simple things like the sanctions on Russia were never meant to hurt Russia. It’s only hurting the United States because the end game hasn’t changed. The end game is to destroy America so that we are on the same level as the rest of the World.

Prepare now. High gas prices will seem like a wet dream when the full effect of this New World Order sets in. This isn’t meant to be a scary article. This is meant to get you to prepare for lack of fuel, lack of food (which Biden himself even had to admit to) and lack of control over your own life that you’re currently used to.

Stay frosty, friends.

Thanks for reading and please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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