Ukraine Stops Recruiting Foreign Fighters Due To Surge Of Untrained Volunteers 1
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Ukraine Stops Recruiting as They and the International Legion Appear to Have a Limit on How Many Untrained and Poorly Armed People they are Willing to let Die

The Ukraine government and International Legion seem to have hit a limit on how many deaths they are willing to let pile up for their cause, no matter how “beautiful and brave” people believe said cause to be. After the Ukraine embassy, consulates and other Western Nations actively encouraged the involvement of foreign fighters from the West without discouraging a soul, they are now pausing the recruitment efforts.

We don’t discourage anybody

– Ukraine Government on Foreign Fighters

Now, just five weeks into the conflict with Russia, Ukraine is citing “limited military experience” being of concern and the reason why they are halting their recruiting efforts. Odd how it took five weeks of watching random Westerners die for something they really know nothing about all while Zelenskyy knows the truth.

The country’s parliament held a closed meeting on this topic today, April 1st, according to International Legion for the Territorial Defence of Ukraine. Many of the issues were said to be discussed, but the recruitment is still paused. Another issue being discussed is the possibility to grant those who volunteer, Ukrainian citizenship. It seems many countries have banned their citizens from volunteering for Ukraine’s conflict and those who do, lose their original citizenships and even their nationality recognition.

“There are multiple reasons (for the pause) with one of them being the lack of firearms,” stated the International Legion spokesman. “Our parliament, Verkhovna Rada, would be voting this Friday on some positions (related to) the International Legion and based on that vote we would be able to proceed.”

Former Canadian Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj said that “several weeks ago the Ministry of Defence put a pause on the mission.” So this has been going on for a few weeks now. Many of the volunteers over the last week or so haven’t even been looked at or interviewed.

He and other Canadians helping in the recruitment and analyzing the war say Ukraine greatly appreciated the support, but has come to realize “it makes no sense sending foreign volunteer fighters to the front lines.” Again, WEEKS after letting them do it though? It’s almost like they aren’t even winning the propaganda war any longer and can’t bear to think of the backlash of more foreigners being killed and maimed.

“The Ukrainian military guys I’ve talked to don’t want to sacrifice young Canadians or young Brits for dramatic effect,” said Lubomyr Luciuk, a Royal Military College (RMC) professor. What he really means is they don’t want to sacrifice any MORE young fighters for dramatic effect because they already have done so.

Ukraine Stops Recruiting Foreign Fighters

“This shows there are people in Canada, in the United States, in Great Britain, in Georgia, in Italy, in Greece who say, ‘I want to stand with my Ukrainian brothers and sisters as they fight to defend their country,’” Lubomyr said. “But very quickly it becomes obvious that some of these well-intentioned volunteers are not ready.”

Some? From everything I’ve seen, it’s been a lot more than some. But again, why have you not cared until now? You were all about having people die for your country before. Is is like I said and you are now losing the propaganda war, too? Too much backlash? I doubt it has anything to do with your growing of a conscience, considering your own military (or those connected to it) have been caught torturing POWs.

It’s sad because we, in the West, have had MANY things to fight against. We’ve had our own slow-rising tyranny in the United States, for instance, and not one of those trying to fight for another country cared.

Anyway, thanks for reading and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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