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Companies like GE, Intel and Microsoft Have Been Found to Work Very Closely with China’s Military and State Security and Surveillance Via the Corporate Complicity Report

The Corporate Complicity Report (which you can read in its entirety below) is a scorecard that rates companies and how complicit they are with Communist China. It also makes sure to note that while working with China may not necessarily be bad in its own right, working directly with their military to help with modernization, the surveillance state, domestic securitization, and ignoring attendant human rights violations is the larger issue.

The report goes over the biggest known companies including Amazon, Apple, Dell, Facebook, General Electric, Google, Intel and Microsoft. General Electric, Intel and Microsoft were the 3 companies that all provide direct support to the Chinese military and State security and surveillance.

“Apple and Intel leadership have met multiple times with top brass at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), a leading Chinese state entity charged with implementing Beijing’s military-civil fusion strategy, which channels technological innovations developed or acquired in the private sector toward the Chinese military,” the report notes.

The report continues to show that Intel also works with a company named Lanqi Technology on chip design and also cooperated on a $2 billion join project to develop high-performance chips. This company receives much of its investing from a state-owned defense company called China Electronics Corporation, a military entity.

“Intel’s Global Vice President attended the signing [of the $2 billion deal], as did the Chairman and [CCP] Party Secretary of China Electronics Corporation,” the report says.

The report goes into deep detail on GE’s involvement with China’s military, too saying, “General Electric’s partnerships appear to involve technology-sharing, including with core players in China’s military, military-civil fusion, and surveillance system.”

Here’s the full report in its entirety.

And remember, those who virtue-signal here in the United States KNOW that China has much lower standards for human rights. These “progressives” just don’t care. Remember when Chamath Palihapitiya said this himself? If not, see it for yourself.

What are your thoughts? We already knew about the ties between China and many of our American Corporations, but does this go above what you already suspected? Is there any wonder why China’s actions are always ignored while Russia’s every breath is questioned?

We really want to hear from you, the reader. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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