Quintez BrownQuintez Brown
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The Louisville BLM chapter decided to bail out left-wing activist Quintez Brown after he attempted to assassinate Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg.

Despite the fact there is a lengthy history of Brown being a left-wing activist and part of BLM the Las Vegas Sun was adamant that the violent offender was actually a right-wing activist and Trump supporter.

“We’ve all heard this with our own ears: Trump drawing cheers at rallies by suggesting violence his opponents, GOP lawmakers and candidates trying to whip their followers into a frenzy with talk of taking up arms against so-called forms of ‘tyranny’ like mask mandates,” the editorial reads.

“American leaders across the board must start speaking out, especially those in the GOP,” they added. “This violent rhetoric is an uncaged monster threatening to harm not only elected officials but others who serve the public — scientists, public health officials, election workers, and many more.”

Quintez Brown

Brown reportedly entered Greenberg’s campaign headquarters and opened fire in an attempt to assassinate the mayoral candidate.

Brown, a former intern and editorial columnist for The Courier Journal, has been outspoken on social media, tweeting and retweeting comments on social justice issues. Ina recent post, he showed several young Blacks killed by gun violence in Louisville, writing: “This is our reality. All of these kids are gone.”

“Gun violence reveals the interconnected nature of our reality,” Brown posted. “What affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Especially in our segregated conditions.”

I guess attempting to assassinate a political candidate with a gun is okay though?

The violent activist was charged with murder and released from jail after his $100,000 bond was posted by a bail fund that is supported by the local BLM chapter.

Quintez Brown’s cash bond was paid Wednesday afternoon by the Louisville Community Bail Fund, which is an arm of Black Lives Matter Louisville, news station WAVE reported.

Chanelle Helm, the Louisville BLM organizer who also co-founded the bail fund, excused Brown’s murderous rage by blaming PTSD, social unrest, and the pandemic claiming he would be safer out of prison.

He attempted to assassinate a political candidate. He should still be behind bars. He’s a danger to society.

“In this case, we’re dealing with someone that has mental health issues,” Helm said.

“They are calling for this individual, this young man who needs support and help, to be punished to the full extent,” Helm added. “It is a resounding message that people are down for the torture that has taken place in our jails and prisons.”

Metro Council President David James slammed the bail fund’s decision to post Brown’s bond, saying: “They are going to be responsible for what he may or may not do to anybody.”

Greenberg wasn’t struck by the gunfire, but said a bullet grazed his sweater.

Brown is charged with four counts of wanton endangerment for allegedly firing shots near Greenberg’s staffers.

A judge on Tuesday ordered Brown to have no contact with Greenberg or his campaign staff — and said he cannot possess firearms.

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